Troy, MI Roofer

Dealing with a roof is one of the most responsible parts of home building and maintenance. The roof is what protects your home or commercial building from extreme weather conditions, heat, and cold. Taking an irresponsible approach to roofing could spell disaster. Besides having to deal with constant repairs, a bad roof can lead to emergency and life-threatening situations.

If you’ve decided to be responsible regarding roof installation and maintenance, you need a trusted company to guide you. For over 10 years, Kanga Roof has been such a company for Michigan homeowners and business owners. We are very proud that we can implement a personalized approach to each of our clients in any county. Our Troy, MI roofers know exactly how to keep your roof safe and damage-free for decades.

Installing a roof is a costly endeavor, so it makes sense to get it done right the first time. We offer several great choices of roof types and materials for both residential and commercial buildings. If you are unsure, which type or material suits your home or business best our team of experienced roofers is always here to give you a detailed consultation on the matter.

The Roof Types We Offer

Reading the information about these roof types can make your choice easier. Call us today, if you have any questions.

  1. Single Ply Roofing
  • Prevents leaks for flat roofs.
  • Single ply has light reflective surfaces that prevent your roof from heating up in the summer.
  • Single ply roof is great for water recycling.
  • These roofs are light and easy to install.
  1. Modified Bitumen Roofing
  • Modified bitumen is durable and long lasting.
  • It expands in the summer and contracts in the winter to reduce damage.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s covered with light-reflective materials to save energy in the summer.
  1. Shingle Roofing
  • Shingle roofing is great for a tight budget.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • Comes in various textures, colors, and sizes.
  • Provides impressive protection.
  • Water and UV resistant.
  1. Metal Roofing
  • Strong and durable. Great choice for commercial buildings.
  • Allows the snow to shed and the water drops to roll off.
  • Provides effective fire protection.
  • It’s quick to install.
  1. EPDM Roofing
  • Impressively long lasting.
  • Flexible and adaptable to pressure.
  • Reflects the UV rays.
  • Doesn’t allow water accumulation.
  1. TPO Roofing
  • Reflective surfaces can reduce energy bills.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Flexible regardless of the temperatures.
  • Cost-efficient.

Other Services

Whether you choose to install one of our durable and long-lasting roofs or opt for other options, you require roof maintenance. Annual roof inspections are compulsory to extend its lifespan. Eliminating cracks, broken tiles, and other small damages can prevent a disastrous situation from arising in the future.

Our Troy, MI roofers can offer a wide variety of roofing services, starting with inspections, maintenance and repairs in between, and ending with emergencies. If you suspect that you might have a roof problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our professional roofers can help you identify the problem and get it fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.