The 7 Most Common Residential Roofing Questions Answered

Homeowners face a seemingly never-ending list of must-do repairs and maintenance procedures. From the lawn and garden to the household plumbing, there is always something needing to get done. The roofing on a home can easily be overlooked until it has a serious problem, and so it is important that all homeowners understand the value of regular roof maintenance done by experts in residential roofing in Sterling Heights.

However, whether it is roofing on a Clinton Twp. home or residential roofing in Sterling Heights, most owners are not satisfied with a blanket statement like “do regular maintenance” to avoid trouble. There are questions about the specifics of the maintenance and repairs needed. Below are seven of the most common questions that homeowners have about roofing, along with the answers.

What can a homeowner do when waiting for repair professionals after a roof has been damaged?

This is one of the most common questions and concerns, and experts in roofing in Clinton Twp. or Sterling Heights would suggest that homeowners cover any damaged portion of the roof with a woven plastic tarp. This should be done with the utmost care to avoid any injury, because roofs can be quite treacherous, especially when they have already sustained damage.

If the roof has been so damaged as to be impossible to shield with a tarp, it is crucial to consider the safety of the structure and act accordingly. Trying to adhere large panels of plywood or other materials to an unsound roof is only going to worsen problems and jeopardize those doing the work.

When should a homeowner consider replacing residential asphalt roofing in Sterling Heights?

Start with the age of the roofing on the Clinton Twp. or Sterling Heights home. If it is between 20 and 30 years, it is likely that the asphalt roofing may be starting to fail. There are some other clues that can let a homeowner know if a replacement is needed. They include any signs of lifting, curling, or cracking. Inspecting from inside of the attic is also necessary as it can indicate any signs of light leaking into the space, which means that it is most definitely time for repairs to that residential roofing in Sterling Heights.

What is roof flashing? Does every building require it?

Talk to experts in roofing in Clinton Twp. or Sterling Heights, and it is likely that the answer would be a resounding “yes” to the need for flashing. That is because flashing is critical to keeping water out of seams and joints on the roof.

Typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum, flashing is placed in the valleys of the roof, around the chimney or any protruding pipes, and around skylights or dormers. Unfortunately, it loosens over time, allowing water to leak into different areas of the roofing, perhaps even damaging the interior and ceilings below.

Experts in residential roofing in Sterling Heights can usually repair or patch any water damage, but the homeowner should make a point of regularly inspecting the flashing for signs of trouble.

Can the old shingles be left in place?

Though the rules and regulations vary from community to community, most experts in residential roofing in Sterling Heights would recommend against this practice. First and foremost, a single layer is far more esthetically appealing than the looks of a roof finished with two layers of shingles. Some homeowners mistakenly believe that it will improve the efficiency of the roof, but that is in error, as well. A single layer of properly installed shingles is as efficient as multiple layers. Also, the weight of multiple layers of shingles puts a strain on the structure. The best method is to work with experts in roofing in Clinton Twp. and Sterling Heights to have the old shingles removed and a new roof skillfully installed.

Can a homeowner do a roof installation? Can that homeowner handle a metal roof install as a DIY project?

In a word: No. Roofing is best left to professionals. Though tiny repairs may be an option for a homeowner, the installation of a metal roof (or any roof) is best left to experts who have the tools and training needed to do it right. While it may seem simple to install something like a metal roof, there are too many factors involved to consider it a DIY project. As an example, a roof might have several vents and chimneys that require skilled cutting and fitting. Experts in roofing in Clinton Twp. and residential roofing in Sterling Heights are best suited to the installation of a roof of any kind.

Will experts in roofing in Clinton Twp. or residential roofing in Sterling Heights be able to eliminate stains on the roofing materials?

Those unsightly stains are often due to algae that love the moisture that the roofing material is holding. It will appear only in shaded areas and will thrive on any organic materials that accumulate on the shingles. This does not damage the roofing or shorten its lifespan, but it is unsightly. Experts in roofing in Clinton Twp. and residential roofing in Sterling Heights can provide a few solutions to the staining, but may also suggest hiring tree experts to cut back limbs that provide too much shade over that area of the roof.

Are there any basic steps in roof maintenance that a homeowner should do? Is it best left to experts in residential roofing in Sterling Heights or roofing in Clinton Twp.?

It is ideal if the property owner does a visual scan of the roof on a regular basis, but that is the extent to which the average homeowner should go where roofing work is concerned. Instead, it is always best to call the professionals. Look for a company with years of service, a team of skilled, licensed, and insured service providers, and lots of positive feedback from customers. Whether it is commercial roofing for a Clinton Twp. property or residential roofing on a Sterling Heights home, it is always best to have the experts do the work.

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