Our Team

Bill Sr. new

Owner/ Founder

As with any great coach, Bill Sr. learned what he knows about roofing as a graduate from the School of Hard Knocks and being part of other teams. “You take the best and leave the rest.” After 20 years, he decided to form his own team and prove you really can do things right in the roofing industry. That’s how Team Kanga was born. Through Bill Sr.’s leadership team members come to understand his expectations, and they build on the strategies to meet and exceed them. The buck stops with Bill Sr., but he’s not all work and no play. He loves to spend his free time puffing on a fine cigar, and venturing out on Lake St. Clair with his family, including his beautiful granddaughters. As “Head Cheerleader,” Bill Sr. takes what he has learned and inspires his top coaches to lead Team Kanga into the next generation.


bill jr snapshot new

Owner/ VP Of Sales and Marketing

The legendary Vince Lombardi once said, “The only place where ‘success’ comes before ‘work’ is in the dictionary.” That’s why Team Kanga Owner and Strategist Bill Jr. insists even though he grew up around the roofing industry, his passion isn’t roofing. It’s protecting and serving the company’s clients. It’s not enough to maximize the life of every roof they install. Bill Jr. is dedicated to providing a 5-star experience to make that happen. The fact that he gets to work with and share success with other family members is just icing on the cake.


brian new

Owner/ VP Of Finance and HR

Since 2011, Brian has been the “ledger lion” for Four Seasons Kanga Roof, balancing the books as well as handling Human Resources. Talk about a utility player; Brian also heads up the Residential Production Team. He’s a graduate of Walsh College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, and by all accounts, (heh-heh) Walsh takes business education so seriously, they don’t have time for sports! Brian gets his sports fix and socializes in his off-time, attending sporting events and playing basketball.

Matt Burkhardt

Owner/ VP Of Operations

No performance enhancement drugs are needed when you have Matt cheering you on! Since 2008, this VP of Field Operations has overseen and directed the on-site coordination for all roofing projects. That includes staffing, crews, material, and equipment coordination. Matt ensures this are done the right way – the KANGA way – and that projects stay on schedule and on budget. Oftentimes, when the clock is running out, the first thing to get punted is safety, but not this team! Matt monitors Kanga Roof’s safety programs and regularly drills the team to ensure protocols are followed. When they aren’t on a roof, this team is in training, with Matt at the front of the room. He’s a BA graduate of Social Science studies from Michigan State (Go Spartans!) who can be found golfing with family and friends on days off. Next best thing to Matt would be if his golden retriever Tucker was allowed on the golf course with him.

Michelle w

Michelle Wheaton- Accounting/HR Administrator

Michelle goes by many nicknames, but when it comes to keeping Four Seasons Kanga Roof on the level financially, there’s no one more capable. A graduate of Northwood University (Go Timberwolves!) Michelle walked away with a well-earned BBA in Marketing/Management and walked into KangaRoof’s Accounting Department in 2020. She hopes to be part of our team for a long time, and we hope she’ll stay!

Michelle P

Michelle Podina- Lead CCR

Michelle P. has been Kanga Roof’s Lead Client Care Representative at Four Seasons since 2020. She’s one of the first people you will speak to and will hop to it as fast as possible. Customers are amazed by her alacrity and fancy footwork as she answers calls, schedules appointments, and assists with roofing issues with every step. There’s plenty of experience under Michelle’s belt, not just in customer service but other professions, such as a local 80 sheet-metal worker for multiple years. Other titles Michelle can boast include mother, grandma and dog mom. Off the clock, family time could include watching a movie, experiencing new trips together, sitting around a campfire or exploring walking trails. Ask Michelle what she’s been up to next time you phone Kang Roof!


Gabe Thebolt – Dir of Facilities & IT

Ironman has “Jarvis.” Batman has “Alfred.” And the Four Seasons Kanga Roof has “The Bolt.” Gabe is our archangel of physical assets and infrastructure. We’ve got working pipes and lights, thanks to him. In addition to our facility, he also manages inventory, housed materials, equipment, fleet, grounds, shipping & receiving, and project/ticket asset pickup and delivery. Ethernetical aspects are also part of his domain, handling telecom, digital networks, devices, and hardware.

Born and raised in Detroit, Gabe is a big sports fan and is excited for the Lions season. Have they got a prayer? Just ask Gabe.

Pete Dubois

Peter Dubois – CCR Manager

The name “Dubois” means “of the woods,” so it’s only natural (get it?) that Peter is a proud Buckeye. He honed his communication prowess in the fields of college athletic administration, high-end audio sales and system design, automobile sales, and restaurant management, the guy has tried a little of everything from the buffet of life! But in 2020, when Peter stumbled out of the woods and found his way into

Four Seasons KangaRoof, he admits to discovering a company that not only says it cares about customers but one that backs those words with actions. Glad to have you on the team, Peter.

Deanna dytri

Deanna Dytri- Residential Production Administrator

Deanna (Or “D-1”) is our Customer Care Coordinator in Residential Production, She schedules all new Residential Replacement Roofs.  Deanna has been with Four Seasons KangaRoof since 2017 and has been in the Construction Industry for over 30 years. She is a terrific liaison between our Production team and KangaRoof Customers, with no detail Overlooked. Deanna balances work life with her amazing family: two grandchildren, four grand pups, and the company of many long-time girlfriends. She has a passion for her daily workout, strolling the beach and cheering for the Red Wings.

Deanna Slezaks

Deanna Slezak – Service Coordinator

With a Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University, “D2” has many years of experience working in fast-paced and challenging environments. She has special training in conflict resolution, sales, and communications. Deanna brings over 25 years of management and customer service experience to the KangaRoof team, focused on providing the best experience possible for all involved. Picture Deanna as a Momma Bear when it comes to personal and professional improvement. While not ‘Hopping to it’ as “D2” at Kanga Roof, she enjoys spending time at home as “D,” as well as traveling and watching sports with her amazing family and friends.



 Justine Matako- Residential Production Administrator

As the Residential Project Manager for Four Seasons Kanga Roof. Justine hops from job to job, informing this customer and that customer what work is being done that day. In addition to status updates, if homeowners have any questions about their roofing project, Justine is the answer, gal! No stranger to tools, she used to be on Kanga Roof’s Full-time Carpentry Team. When it comes to making customers happy, Justine is ready to “hammer it home,” making sure roofs are installed the right way or fixed properly. When Justine is hoppin’, Happiness is happenin’!


Alex Parker- Commercial Production Administrator

Being the Commercial Project Manager here at Four Seasons Kanga Roof means keeping an eye on a lot of details while still managing the big picture. Like that color commentator in the press box above the stadium, Alex takes everything in, aware of the minutia needed when it comes to putting sturdy roofs on commercial buildings. When not working on roofs, Alex likes to hunt, fish, and spend time exploring the great outdoors. Kind of like a bald eagle. And he’s okay with that analogy.

Tom Hoffmann – Residential Sales

Tom is in his first year working for Kanga Roof and couldn’t be more happy finding a place in the company. He comes from a background in construction and customer service. In his free time, Tom likes to work on his project car and play video games. He’s excited to help you solve your roofing problems and “hop to it.” Vroom, vroom, Tom! We’re glad to have you!

Jeremy Hughes – Customer Care Coordinator

Jeremy is a Customer Care Representative here at Four Seasons Kanga Roof. He has been with the company since 2021, and he tells us he couldn’t be happier to have been accepted
into our family. Before Kanga Roof, Jeremy was a college student studying Supply Chain Management at Western Michigan University. (Go, Bronco’s!) He enjoys spending his off-hours playing video games or relaxing and watching Japanese anime with his beloved fiancé.

Mason Mahaffey – Residential Sales

Mason is a Wolverine. Okay, not THEE Wolverine from X-Men. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2018, and he’s been at Kanga Roof since then as a residential salesman. He really enjoys working outside and being able to meet new people. Mason is passionate about helping others and being able to create solutions for your problems. He never specified whether his problem-solving skills are limited to just roofing issues, so perhaps he IS a superhero after all!

Charlie Braitwaite – Residential Sales

Charlie joined our team just under a year ago and loves it at KangaRoof. He finds it effortless to be a real cheerleader in this welcoming family environment. No stranger to a sports environment, Charlie was playing on the men’s soccer team at Oakland University, when he met his wife there – a player on the women’s soccer team at the time. Beats “playing the field”, right Charlie? In his spare time, Charlie enjoys playing golf, soccer (naturally) and other sports.

Mitchell Lindberg – Residential Sales

Mitchell jumped ship as a Project Manager from one of our competitors in 2022,
and we’re glad he’s on board with Kanga Roof! He says he couldn’t be happier to have been accepted into our family, and from the broad smile that greets our
customers as a residential repair specialist, we believe him. Other things that
make Mitchell smile is racing anything with an engine, and being outside as much as possible. So don’t be surprised if he prefers to discuss your home’s repair project on the porch or out in the yard.

Alec Fell – Commercial Sales

It isn’t often a roofing company gets to boast of a part-time Obstetrician as a Specialist in their Commercial Sales Division, but here we are. And here’s Alec Fell. A proud alumnus of De La Salle Collegiate (Class of 2001), with a BA in communication from Oakland University, Alec started in the fields of facility and project management. Not only did he marry his lovely wife Krista in 2014 and have daughter Makena in 2016, but in 2019, he earned the title of “Father of the Year” by delivering daughter Kate on the side of the freeway on the way to the hospital. A sports fanatic, Alec makes the most of his time off traveling with his family, golfing, and hunting wild game, especially white-tailed deer. Hunting for an exceptional roof for your business? Alec really delivers. No. Seriously.

Andy Mahaffey- Commercial Sales

Family man, military man, music man, and motorcycle man: there’s no better way to describe William Andrew Mahaffey, better known as “Andy.” He came to Kanga Roof from San Diego, Ca and Palm Springs Ca. Along with his wife Erika they have four children Mason, Kirston, Phillip and Tanner. And we cannot forget the Dog “Toby”! Andy joined the Army right after high school and eventually spent 13 years serving his country. When his eldest son married, Andy and Erika decided to relocate to Michigan to be closer as a family. Andy enjoys playing the piano, ping pong, golf, and riding his Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. He joined Kanga Roof specifically because of their core values. He lives by the philosophy, “If you can find a way of helping people, you’ll live off the interest.” We couldn’t agree more, Andy. Couldn’t agree more.

Nathan Watts- Comm Roofing Inspector

What’s that song from “Guys and Dolls”? The one that goes, “Well, it’s good old reliable Nathan, Na-than, Na-than Detroit ”? It could have been written about KangaRoof’s Nathan Watts – our guy IN Detroit. Nathan’s practiced eyes can spot trouble on your business’ roof. He’s not some “stand at the bottom and send a drone up there to do the work” kind of guy. He’s ON your roof, walking around, stooping, bending, getting a feel for it. Even getting a little dirty. Because that’s the roofing business. He’s “Inspector Watts, at your service.”
When Nathan isn’t up on a roof or prepping a commercial quote in the office, you’ll find him gaming at home or hanging around a bonfire with a fine cigar.

Sue Panek – Administrative Assistant

Don’t panic – We’ve got PANEK! Sue is a new member of the Kanga team, receiving her M.A. in education from the University of Michigan, Dearborn. Before that, she received a B.F.A. in dance from Marygrove College. She has served Marygrove College as the Chair of the Division of Visual & Performing Arts and the Dance Department. Most recently, she enjoyed working for Madonna (No, not THAT Madonna. Madonna University) as the Director of Performing Arts. So, what can someone so practiced in Dance and Performance bring to a roofing company? How about fancy footwork. Agility! Grace under pressure. As Sue embarks on this new career as an Administrative Assistant, she looks forward to working in concert with the exceptional staff at
Four Seasons Kanga Roof.


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