New Roofing Installation in Clinton Twp. & Sterling Heights, MI

We take roofing seriously as a home’s roof is the first stand against the forces of nature. All of our expert teams are fully trained and have certificates in all roofing work aspects to provide you with work that’s done in an excellent and timely manner. For all roofing situations, we have teams on standby to respond to any immediate roofing service needs. As experts in our field, we take great pride in securing you and your family through proper and excellent roofing services.

Once it comes to choosing what materials to use for your roofing, a lot of people believe that somehow the roof is just shingles, and what they don’t know is that there’s more to roofing. We choose high-caliber roofing products from different renowned companies. Merchandise from these companies have garnered awesome assessments for their splendid quality and they include warranties that can be printed and filed, hence, assuring the buyer.

Using higher-quality products allows our roofing specialists to put together roofs work together as a single functioning network. This process ensures a long life for your roof with a minimum to no issues in the future. If age, condition, or quality of your roof concerns you, call us to learn more and our experts will be ready to answer any of your questions.

New Construction?

If you are planning new construction, installing a new house roof can give you that chance for a fresh new look. We can assist you to start from scratch and desig the roof that matches your plans for a new home.

Underlayment, Vents & Gutters

A layer of roofing felt or tar paper, known as an underlayment, provides a waterproof barrier that protects your decking against wind-driven rain. Yes, it’s important to choose the right kind of gutters, insulation, and ventilation, but installing those items properly is just as important, if not more so. We will make sure the process will be as easy as possible for customer satisfaction.

Installation Work

Having your siding job done professionally ensures that it will done right, in compliance with warranty specifications. Our experienced professionals have what it takes to do the job right.

The roof installation process is carefully watched by an on-site manager who always checks for quality: the wooden decking is attached securely using the right nails in the proper density. We always make sure that all installations are done to code, especially if extra support is required for heavier types of roofing installations.

Our goal is not merely to meet clients’ expectations but to exceed them, so everything we do on a job site is focused on the needs of the client. We can help you in the event that you need either a minor or an enormous task to handle. We’re looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.