Roof Repair in Clinton Township, MI

Most homeowners don’t think about their roof unless there’s a problem. If you are on this page, you’re probably dealing with a roof repair issue. We’re here to help by providing a range of services for the exterior of your building,  including roofing maintenance, replacement, and repair. Call Kanga Roof or visit us online for the area’s most reliable Roof Repair Services.

Why It’s Important to Inspect and Repair Your Roof

Whether you’re experiencing a roof issue or think there may be a problem, it’s crucial to get the roof inspected as quickly as possible. Some issues are minor enough to be addressed by quick repairs, while others necessitate a full roof replacement. When you call us for an inspection in Clinton Township, we’ll examine the entire structure of the roof. With a thorough inspection and prompt repairs, it’s possible to keep small problems from turning into big ones.

Finding Roof Leaks

It’s typically easy to spot a roof leak, but finding its source may prove challenging. Before calling us for leak repair service, take these steps to find the root of the problem. Look for stains and spots on the ceiling. In most instances, leaks are coming from places that are high up on the roof. On a rainy day, take a flashlight up into the attic. It’s easier to find roof holes when it’s raining. Mark the area when you’ve found the source of the leak.

Once you’ve found a roof leak, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Though a minor leak may seem like a small problem, it can quickly lead to more serious issues, such as mold growth, rotted framing, ceiling damage, and ruined insulation. Call us today for preventative maintenance and leak repairs.

The Most Common Roof Problems

Whether you’ve found a roof leak or another issue, we suggest hiring a professional who can provide a reliable fix. These are some of the most common issues roof repair contractors deal with every day:

Flashing problems. It’s essential to make sure your roof’s flashing, which is usually made of metal or thick rubber, is installed correctly. The flashing is the roof’s main line of defense against moisture intrusions and other problems.

Membrane punctures/tears. A commercial roof often has people up on them from electricians to HVAC technicians to city inspectors, it is very common for issues to arise from the work they do. Additionally, falling debris can cause punctures in the roof membrane. 

Shingle damage. A roof’s shingles aren’t just there to keep the roof looking good—they’re also there to protect the structure from moisture. When shingles are damaged, your roof is vulnerable to leaks and other moisture-related issues.

Damaged soffits. Squirrels, birds, and other animals often hide in a roof’s soffits. Keep an eye on these structural components and schedule a roof inspection if you’ve found any problems.

Moisture. If water is getting into the roof, mildew and mold will grow, causing severe damage and a foul odor.

Clogged gutters. If there’s too much debris in the gutters, mildew and mold may grow. It’s best to clean your gutters every six months or more often if your yard is full of trees.

If you’re not sure what’s causing roofing issues or you need help with repairs and maintenance, call the roofing repair contractors at Kanga Roofing today.

Why You Should Hire Us

Unless you have roofing repair experience, it’s best to leave roof maintenance and repairs to the professionals. Climbing up on the roof and performing repairs isn’t very easy for the average DIYer, nor is it very safe. Here are a few reasons to hire us for roof repairs or roof replacement in Clinton Township.

It’s cost-effective. Though it may be hard to believe, local roofing companies can get the necessary materials at a discount. We have relationships with local suppliers, and we already have all the tools needed to do the job.

It’s safe. Rooftop accidents are quite common, which is why we take precautions and use all the right safety gear.

It helps you retain the roof’s warranty coverage. If problems arise during the warranty period, we may be able to evaluate and resolve them at no cost to you. Conversely, DIY repairs may put your warranty coverage at risk.

Avoid the risk of injury and warranty coverage loss by leaving the job to a trusted professional. Visit us online or call today for a no-obligation inspection and repair estimate.

Call Us for Fast, Friendly, and Fair Service

There’s never a good time for a roofing issue, but we’re here to help no matter how big or small the problem is. Whether you need a small patch or an entirely new roof, we can get the job done in Clinton Township. For fast, friendly, and effective roof repairs and replacements, call the pros at Kanga Roofing today.