Roofing Company and How To Find A Professional One

March 31, 2017

Roofing Company and How To Find A Professional One

One of the hardest challenges homeowners face when fixing their roof is finding the right roofing company to get the job done. Whether you are installing a new roof or are looking to repair your current roof after a damaging storm, you need to find the best roofing company in Michigan as soon as possible.

This does not necessarily mean that you should hire the first company you come across. You have to find a residential roofing company that is reliable, trustworthy, experienced and as professional as they come. Below are a few guidelines that will help you hire the best contractor for the best roofing services.


Cost and time efficiency- A professional roofing company in Michigan will not only save you money but time as well. They will pay attention to every part of the roof and make sure everything is secure.

Using correct materials – Professional residential roofers always make use of the right roofing materials. They will have the right tools and safety equipments as well in order to get the job done right.

Adequate training and experience – Professional roofers bring only the best on the table because they possess the right training and skills needed to install or repair a roof. These contractors know what it takes to stay safe and avoid roofing hazards during the project. Getting a professional residential roofing company is the best solution and below are some tips for choosing one.


Get referrals

You will have a better chance of hiring a great roofing contractor if you hire locally. You will be able to avoid being scammed or avoid potential issues because roofing companies in both Oakland and Macomb counties now are well aware of the local rules, the code regulations, they know the best suppliers as well as the best crews around.

Research the company on BBB

There are contractors who will time after the storms are over to make a killing with roofing repairs. If you want to have great services, look a company up on BBB to see their ratings. If they are non-existent on BBB, stay away from them.

Make safety a top priority

Make sure that the residential roofing company you hire has well-trained contractors who have the safety program in order to ensure maximum safety throughout the project.

Check to see that they have proper insurance and licensing

All the employees and the subcontractors of the roofing company should be insured and they should have a certificate for validation. Without the right insurance, litigation problems could arise between a homeowner and the roofing company if an employee sustains an injury during the project. You can also make sure they are licensed to do the job so you have nothing to worry about.

Pay for deductible

Do not trust a roofing contracting company that claims they will handle the project without you, as a homeowner, paying a deductible insurance fee. They would be committing insurance fraud and endangering your life.

Don’t be pressured

If the contractor is too eager for you to sign the contract and pressures you to do it, don’t do it until the insurance company estimates the damages. Even though a contractor agrees to work with any amount, if it is less than they would have asked for, they will not do their best. Before signing any contract, the roofing company needs to make sure that the insurance company checked all the damages.

Know all the material options

If the contractor is offering you different types of roofing materials to consider, they really want to do a great job. They should advise you on the best one and help you come to a decision. The material, style, and color of the material you choose could affect the resale value of your house so make the best of it.


· Make sure you get a written estimate and ask if they charge to give estimates. You can ask for explanations for their price variations and do not, at all, choose a roofing company based on their price.

· If possible, ask an attorney to view the contract before you sigh to make sure there are no hidden costs or clauses.

· Be wary of the companies selling door-to-door services and those that leave fliers in the mailbox promising insurance compensation



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