Kanga Roof’s Careers and Employment Page

Specializing in Roof Repair, Leak Repair, and Storm Damage Repair

Only The Best Need Apply

Working hard? Feeling unappreciated? Driven into the ground at your current job?
This is hard work, that doesn’t mean you should be treated like a piece of meat.

There is a better way…..

Kanga Roof is a family-owned, TEAM orientated company. Everyone on the team is valuable and we all work toward the same goals. We only want the best, here is the good news, because of that we treat our people like the best and pay them like the best. Safety and Quality always come first here at Kanga Roof.

We offer:

  • Great working environment
  • Great Pay
  • Health Care
  • Great 401K Plan
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacations
  • Profit Sharing
  • Continual Training
  • Flexible Hours
  • And more…….

If any of this sounds like you please fill out the form below along with your resume showing why you are the best.