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We will reach out within two business days of receipt to discuss scheduling the service visit, or to clarify issues stated in the above form.

Based on the information above, this project is assumed to be covered by Four Seasons Kanga Roof Master Craftsman Workmanship Warranty, and therefore warranted repairs will not incur any charges.

HOWEVER, if the cause of the forthcoming service call is determined to be non-warranted, this service call is then classified as a "Non-Warranted Repair".

A Non-Warranted Repair involves the following:

    A minimum mobilization charge of $125.00.

  • The symptoms identified above are not caused by roofing installed by Four Seasons Kanga Roof and therefore not covered by our warranty.
    • This includes modifications to the roof system made in the interim by other parties having a contributing effect on the symptoms.
    • If the above project is a Repair Project, and not a new roof system, the symptoms may be emerging from a part of the property unrelated to the original repair contract.
  • If additional work is required to resolve the issue, it will be discussed with the approved decision-maker in question, who may decide that we should proceed with the additional work.
  • If the additional work is approved, the following rates would apply:
    • Labor: $85 per hour per technician
    • Overtime Labor: $110 per hour per technician
    • Materials and Equipment Charges: Standard Price List
    • If a second mobilization is required beyond the initial visit, the following transportation, fuel, and supply additional charges apply per mile radius: 0-14: $55, 15-49: $75, 50-74: $100, 75+: $125
  • If the additional work is not approved, the $125 mobilization charge will be due immediately.
    • This fee, as well as any other charges incurred, are payable via check or  credit card. They are due at the time of the determination, with either an in-person paper check or a phone call to the main office for credit card processing.

Authorization (Click to expand)

I authorize Four Seasons Kanga Roof to investigate the nature of the problem described above and determine if the cause is warranted or non-warranted.

If warranted, Four Seasons Kanga Roof will proceed with necessary repairs at time of initial service visit and/or as soon as possible after the determination has been made.

If non-warranted, the minimum charge owed is $125.00 and I acknowledge that I am authorized to make this agreement.