Metal Roofing – Why Metal Is One of the Best Roofing Options

April 20, 2017

Advantages of EPDM Roofing

Metal roofing offers numerous benefits that are truly unmatched by most of the many roofing materials available. However, there are so many misconceptions about metal that most people don’t even consider it as a roofing option. For a long time now, metal roofing systems have mostly been used on industrial buildings because people feel that it would not be a good aesthetic choice for their residential homes. On the contrary, there are so many metal roofing materials as well as styles that would make an excellent roofing choice for any type of home.

Fact 1 – Can fit any type of home

When it comes to metal roofing, most people think it would not be compatible with the style of their home but metal is available in wide ranges of textures and colors that can fit any architectural style. The colors are as much extensive as of other roofing materials and in case you cannot find a color you like, you can get a custom color of your choice. You can actually choose an Energy Star rated color that will reduce your energy costs.

Fact 2 – Not at all noisy

Being noisy is by far the biggest misconception that people have about this type of roofs. This will probably come out as a surprise but metal roofing can be quieter compared to asphalt shingles. Contrary to what people think, a metal roof would not loud because it would have a solid sheathing helping to silence any noise from rain, falling branches or other weather conditions.

Fact 3 – Not at all expensive

At least not as expensive as many people make it out to be. In addition to that, roofing costs should not just be about the upfront costs spent on installing the roof, they should include all the expenditure spend on the roof within its life expectancy. While a metal roofing system can cost you a lot more upfront than say, asphalt shingles, the latter will cost a lot more during its 12 to 20-year life cycle with repairs and maintenance and replacement after. A metal roofing system, on the other hand, will last you 40 to 60 with minimal repairs, minimal maintenance and no replacement in between.

Fact 4 – Aesthetically appealing

A lot of people feel that metal roofs look ugly but it can be the most aesthetically appealing roof. There are so many styles available that you can order yours to look like slate shingles and cedar shakes that no one would even guess your roofing is made of metal.

Fact 5 – Long lasting

Since metal is a premium material, it should be compared to other premium materials like clay tile, cedar shakes, and slate. When it comes to longevity, slate and clay tiles last as long as up to 100 years but on the downside, they could crack or even break anytime and require repairs. Cedar shakes could start to rot by twenty years but metal will not only last as long as all of them, it will never crack nor will it break.

In addition to all these, metal is a great roofing material for extreme weather conditions. They shed snow very fast, are non-combustible and can save you a lot of energy since it reflects heat instead of absorbing it.

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