Save Energy, Money, and Your HVAC All Through Your Roof

October 27, 2017

Save Energy, Money, and Your HVAC All Through Your Roof

This has been one of the mildest falls in recent memory, but we all can certainly remember those air conditioning bills from June, July, and August. So often families make the decision between comfort in their home and paying their energy bills because of the great costs associated with running their air conditioning.

Well Kanga Roof has hopped to it with a great new product that will save you money, keep your house more comfortable, and qualify for energy rebates. That new product is radiant barrier insulation.

Correct Airflow and Venting are Critical

Think of your roof, attic, insulation and heating and cooling as a system. When everything is working together your home stays comfy no matter the weather. However, if there is a breakdown in any one part, then the entire system is compromised. Your home may still be comfy, but you’re losing efficiency, which means you are wasting money. And if you are still sweating in the summer, or layering up with blankets in the winter, even with your heating and cooling system running, there is almost certainly a problem in your attic.

How Do You Know If You’re OK?

First thing is first, you must make sure you have enough insulation to begin with. This is a relatively simple process for any homeowner to do. All you need is a stick ruler or tape measure to figure it out. You then stick the ruler into your blown in insulation to determine an approximate R value (Multiply the depth by the R Value of the material). Make sure there are baffles, and that they are installed correctly, and the soffit vents are creating that draft to your rooftop outlets. Another important step is to check for signs of condensation. Condensation can be especially bad because it says that your ventilation is not right and it encourages the growth of mold. A general rule for Metro Detroit is insulating up to R-60 for the best protection, which is 16 inches of cellulose insulation (blown in). To get the full R Value, the depth must be consistent across the entire attic. It is especially important around can lights or any other openings to the attic.

Once you have the proper insulation and ventilation, there is one more step to take to supercharge your energy efficiency. We here at Kanga Roof, a Hire It Done pre-screened contractor, have an exclusive radiant barrier insulation blanket to maximize your system. The radiant barrier works by reflecting radiant heat up toward the roof in the summer, and down back into the house in the winter. Radiant barrier is installed on top of the insulation, and can result in as much as 15% energy savings, plus it can extend the life of your heating and cooling system – potentially saving you thousands.

The bottom line is that here our experts here at Kanga Roof are standing by ready to come out and help you assess if your system is operating properly, and how to supercharge it. If you cannot tell if your insulation and ventilation are optimized, then call our award winning team for a free attic inspection. We will schedule an appointment that works for you to come out and check the condition of the roof, ventilation and the insulation. If you use the link below we to book your attic inspection through we will give you a FREE wi-fi enabled smart thermostat. If it turns out your attic could use some help, we will also give you a 10% discount on any work done. So call or click today so Kanga Roof can “Hop to It” and start saving you money today!



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