What Is Radiant Barrier Insulation??  And Why You Need It In Your Attic

November 11, 2017

What Is Radiant Barrier Insulation??  And Why You Need It In Your Attic

We have been Hopping to It all over Clinton Township, Warren, New Baltimore, Macomb, Washington, and the rest of Macomb County educating homeowners of our exciting new product, Radiant Barrier Insulation. You have probably heard us or seen us talking about this with Adam Helfman on Hire It Done and WDIV Channel 4.

We are the exclusive provider in Metro Detroit for Nature’s Own Radiant Barrier insulation. This new material was originally developed by NASA for use in the astronaut program as a possible thermal blanket for the astronauts. It is capable of deflecting 97% of radiant heat that hits it. The same applies to the cold.

This is the fundamental process behind what makes Radiant Barrier insulation so effective. Your standard insulation that should have an R-Value of 38-49 does a great job of absorbing the heat that you produce in the winter months and slows it from leaving. Traditional insulation acts similar to a sponge. Once the heat is absorbed into the insulation it will leak into your attic, much much like a sponge will leak water when it is soaked. When you supercharge insulation by placing Radiant Barrier insulation on top, it will reflect the heat the leeks out of the standard insulation back into the house.

This stoppage is what is causing our customers to see routine savings of 20-30% in their heating and cooling bills. The added bonus to all of this is that it will extend the life of your heating and cooling system. By saving 20-30%, it means that your system will run that much less and then last that much longer.

Attic insulation slows down normal heat loss. However, it is largely useless in the retaining the radiant heat you home produces in the winter, and reflect that radiant heat back out in the summer. So an optimally insulated home will have both traditional insulations along with radiant barrier insulation. Neither should be used as a stand-alone product.

Right now, we are in the process of gathering even more data to demonstrate to customers the great value of Radiant Barrier Insulation. To push this process along we are offering the following special through the end of the year.

To any family that has Kanga Roof come out, we will:

  • Give them a free smart/wifi enabled thermostat so they can track their savings.
  • Do a complete attic and insulation inspection

If you decide to have us supercharge your attic and insulation with Radiant Barrier, we will:

  • Install a free radiant barrier insulation wrap on your hot water tank.
  • Give you an instant 10% discount on any work done.

The time to act is now! The season is getting colder forcing us to turn on our furnaces. Just think what that extra 20% a month adds up to when it comes time to buy Christmas presents! That can add a lot of jingle into your holiday cheer!

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