Dealing with Roof Ice Damage

April 18, 2018

Dealing with Roof Ice Damage

We can take steps ourselves to limit ice damage to roofs, but sometimes a professional will be needed.

The Beast That Came in from the Cold

In 2018 the United Kingdom, known for its temperate climate, became victim to a monster known as ‘the beast from the east’. The monster was a severe weather snap resulting in severe winds, snow, and low temperatures. Caught unaware, the population of the UK faced enormous repair bills for roof damage caused by the weather. The situation highlighted the damage that lack of planning can do, but also how the modern roof can struggle to cope with snow and ice damage.

Steps That Householders Can Take

Whether living in Clinton Twp. or Sterling Heights, roof ice damage can be very expensive. Members of the public can keep insurance bills down by having their roofs checked once a year by professionals. There are some steps that homeowners can carry out themselves such as the following:

  • Removing ice from gutters: this can be done using warm water and salt. It is tempting to use tools to remove the ice, but this is best left to professionals as roofing materials are easily damaged.
  • Check the attic to see if insulation is intact and in good condition.
  • Investing in a roof rake from a local hardware store so that sudden snowfalls can be moved from the roof quickly.

A Roof’s Biggest Enemy Is an Ice Dam

In simple terms, an ice dam is a wall of ice that prevents the flow of water from melting snow. With nowhere to go, the water may leak through roof shingles. This can cause horrendous damage to a property and cost a lot of money to put right.

Dealing with an Ice Dam

The often-popular method of removing an ice dam is to fill a sock with ice melt and then place the sock on the ice dam. While this method is widely known, in cases where there has been extreme ice it may be better to consider using a professional roofing company. They will be able to remove the ice with special steam equipment which will not cause any damage to the roof. An unchecked ice dam can cause the following damage:

  • Water that has come through the shingles will begin to go into the attic.
  • Leaking water into the attic can affect ceilings and walls in the property.
  • The water can also cause damage to electrics and personal belongings.

If using a professional company to remove an ice dam, ask them if the roof has a good enough membrane for cold and wet weather.

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