Roof Repair Options for Different Types of Roofs

April 20, 2018

Roof Repair Options for Different Types of Roofs

The type of roof property has will outline its options and repair costs.

Choosing the Right Outfit for the Right Shape

The design of a roof will often determine which materials can be used to repair it. Whether looking for roof repair in Sterling Heights or Rochester, it helps to have a little knowledge to keep costs down. The pitch, style, and materials used will all affect the price and are worth understanding.

Pitch Perfect

The pitch of a roof is a determining factor in how much space an attic will have. It will also offer protection from different types of weather and also help with drainage. Roofs tend to have three distinctive pitch shapes:

  • A flat roof is self-explanatory and can allow the roof to be used for recreational space.
  • A low slope roof rising in a slight angle. It is particularly effective in preventing pooling water in climates where there is a lot of rain.
  • A steep slope roof rises on a high angle. It is good at dealing with excess rain but is also pleasing to the eye and offers more internal storage capacity.

Roof Styles

The design of a roof must be good to look at, but it also helps with many internal issues including wiring for electrics, piping for plumbing, and also good insulation. To conserve money on energy bills a roof must be correctly fitted and provide adequate insulation. There are many designs of roof to choose from, but the three most popular and well known are:

  • Gable roof: known for a distinctive upside-down V shape, gable roofs are good for storage but not so good in high wind areas. The shape of this roof can easily be damaged by strong winds.
  • Flat roof: these are more commonly seen on commercial buildings, or areas where the weather is usually dry.
  • Hip roof: these are popular roofs seen in residential areas. The complicated structure of a hip roof can make it a little more costly to repair than other roofs.


For steep-slope roofs, asphalt is the most popular material. Always ask a roofer about the quality of the asphalt used as it can vary. With a flat roof there is the option to use rubber-based materials in creating a membrane. This is a cost-effective solution and the material can last a long time. It is also a good option for low slope roofs as water can run back and seep into tiled roofs.

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