How to Deal with a Roof Leak

April 24, 2018

How to Deal with a Roof Leak

Roof leaks can appear quickly and cause destruction rapidly, but there are ways to limit the damage.

When the Heavens Open

Roof leaks often seem to time themselves perfectly. There we are at home watching a football game with a nice cold beer and popcorn, and then someone throws a bucket of water on our parade. Slight leaks are not usually so concerning, but major leaks of water are not only inconvenient but also dangerous. There is also the issue of costly roof repairs if the leak spreads and causes damage to the rooms directly under the roof. However, there are steps we can take to limit the damage until a professional arrives.

A Bulging Ceiling

If there is a slight drip from the ceiling and it is emanating from a bulge then this is an easy issue to alleviate. Obviously, a bucket should be placed under the drip to prevent damage to carpets. If confident, use a small screwdriver to puncture the bulge. The water should flow directly into the bucket, but more importantly the puncture will take the strain off the ceiling. Ceiling items such as plaster and boarding will become very damaged if a large amount of water builds up and puts weight on the ceiling.

Beware of Wet Electrical

If water is leaking directly onto sockets, the fuse box or from out of a light fitting then call an electrician immediately. Do not attempt to repair or prevent damage where water is dripping directly onto live electrical items. Always leave this to professionals. If there is no sign of water leakage on to electrical items and you are concerned, then you can turn the electrical off if needed.

Plastic in the Attic

If you are able to check your attic easily and find there is a leak coming through then there is a way to limit further damage. By using a large plastic sheet, you can contain water leaks where there is a slight amount of water coming through. This quick fix is attained by placing the plastic sheeting to cover the attic floor where the rain is coming through. Try to cover as much of the floor as possible where the roof is directly above it.

Have a Professional Roofing Company on Speed Dial

If you move to a new area, speak to your neighbors about a reputable roofing contractor whether you need a early roof inspection or a whole new roof. Kanga Roof can fix your roof leak.  Contact today at 586-566-0710 for commercial roof repairs or 586-566-0308 for residential roof repairs.

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