Deciding Whether to Recover or Replace a Commercial Roof

April 26, 2018

Deciding Whether to Recover or Replace a Commercial Roof

Everyone wants a shiny new roof for their business, but no one wants to pay a high price for it.

Safeguarding the Future of A Business

With weather patterns becoming more and more erratic, there has never been a better time to consider the effectiveness of a commercial roof. A bad roof leak can not only damage stock but also the very structure of a building. With increasing pressure on business including the market climate and also increasing rents, a sound future proofed roof is a valuable asset.

Simple Questions That Can Save a Lot of Money

Even if a roof is well maintained, unforeseen problems such as a badly installed roof can soon cause problems. For any business, there is the consideration of how important a roof issue currently is. The first question to ask is how long the business intends to stay at the premises. If long term then more expensive repairs or replacement may be the best option and will work out cheaper in the long run. Other questions to consider are the following:

  • Does the current roof seem well insulated, and have the premises been cold or too warm in summer?
  • Has there been a history of excessive moisture in the premises? This is a sign that a roof has been incorrectly fitted or was the wrong type of roof right from the start.

Will a Simple Repair Solve the Problem?

It is always best to contact a company that specializes in commercial roof repairs, and whether in Sterling Heights or Macomb there will be a reputable company who can help. Ask them to take a look at the roof and find out their recommendations. You can obtain a quote from more than one firm to check prices. When they visit, ask if the membrane is in working order and how much longer it will last. If they state the membrane and insulation is in good condition, a repair should be enough and will keep costs down.

When Replacing the Roof Is Needed

Energy costs are a factor to consider in replacing a roof. If a current roof has poor insulation and heating costs have gone up, then in the long-term replacement will be a money saver. Likewise, if AC units are on all the time, then this too indicates the roof may be beyond repair. Roof replacement can offer long term benefits for companies looking to settle down in one spot. As well as saving energy, maintenance costs will be lower in the long term and there are less likely to be any disasters during heavy downpours of rain.

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