How Good Commercial Roofing Repairs Save Money

April 27, 2018

How Good Commercial Roofing Repairs Save Money

The roof over a company’s head should always be looked after carefully.

Unseen Roofing Issues That Can Cost a Lot Of Money

Major damage to a roof can sometimes show itself in the most minor of ways. First it starts off as a gutter that leaks a bit whenever there is heavy rain. This may be ignored or discounted, but if the gutter is blocked due to roofing cement then this could be a sign a roof repair is needed immediately. If the gutter is left to leak it will also cause damage to walls and give rise to damp. This could cost a lot of money if stock items such as food are damaged as a result of a build-up of damp.

There May Be Trouble Ahead

If roofing issues are missed and occur for some time then there are also long-term damages to the structure to consider. Roof leaks that cause damage to walls will need to be looked at to see if the integrity of the building has been compromised. If the walls cannot support the roof due to water damage, then this situation could possibly be the end of a company. It is always recommended to call a commercial roofing company, whether in Sterling Heights or Birmingham, to immediately check for damage.

Who You Going To Call?

In choosing a good commercial roofing company, there are several steps to be taken:

  • Get as many quotes as possible, as this will give you a ballpark figure of how much the repairs will cost.
  • Meet the owner or manager of the roofing company personally, and prepare lots of questions to ensure you are getting the repairs you want.
  • Always look for recommendations from the contractor, and check all paperwork and insurance is up to date and legal.

By asking the roofing company for their last five customers, you will be able to double check the firm’s reputation. The questions to ask previous customers are whether they were satisfied with the work done and if it came in on budget. It is also wise to ask if there were any time delays in the repair work. If the contractor does not turn up for a week this could cost your business a great deal of money.

Keep Records of Repair Dates

Now that nearly every mobile phone has a camera, it is easy to store photographs. As well as making a note of dates that contractors attended, photographs can be taken and dated to show the work done. This might also help another contractor if repairs are needed again in the near future.

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