How Often Should A Roof Be Repaired Or Replaced?

May 17, 2018

How Often Should A Roof Be Repaired Or Replaced?

In Sterling Heights, roof repair is something that every homeowner should consider at some point. Depending on the material one’s roof is composed of, and the weather conditions in the area, an average roof should last approximately anywhere from 20 to 50 years. This is a pretty good lifespan and since having a roof replaced isn’t exactly cheap, it’s a relief that a roof can last such a long time.

If one considers the actual amount of pressure and the extreme conditions that roofs have to handle on a daily basis then it is amazing that they can even last such a long time. However, despite their ability to be able to endure a lot, a time comes when the roof needs to be replaced or at the very least, repaired.

Roofing Types – Shingles

For residential homes, the most popular choices are asphalt shingles or metal roofing. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable by far and also look beautiful on a roof. These shingles can be customized for color and style and they can be bought with different base materials if one is looking for a sturdier roof.

There are two main choices, one is a paper based and the other is a fiberglass base. The fiberglass base is sturdier, but on the outside, they both look the same since they are covered in asphalt. Asphalt shingles are incredibly durable and also easy to install however, they are prone to algae and moss accumulation and they are also less durable than other available materials on the market.

Roofing Types – Metal

Metal roofs may look cold and industrial to some, but in reality, they have a very chic and modern look and they are highly efficient. Metal roofing is one of the most durable options out there, and algae and moss have a hard time growing on its surface. Shingle roofing may need to be replaced and even repaired more often than metal roofing simply due to the different levels of durability that both materials have.

Most roofs will need to be replaced every 20-50 years, but repairs will need to be done more often. To ensure that there are no underlying issues that are starting to build up in one’s roof, or that there is no moss and algae beginning to colonize, the best thing to do is to call roof services at least once every six months. Having professional roofers come in twice a year to check up on the integrity of one’s roofing will do a lot to help ensure that the problems do not get out of hand, and in turn extend the structures life for as long as possible.

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