3 Factors that can Damage a Roof

June 13, 2018

3 Factors that can Damage a Roof

Many different factors can contribute to damaging a roof. A damaged home top can be a major problem because it can lead to many other problems that can be quite costly. If a homeowner wants to keep their home safe from harm then there are a few factors to pay particular attention to.

1. Wind

Strong wind and debris can be a major factor in causing damage. When the roof is exposed to strong winds, it can cause debris and flying tree limbs to hit it and it can get damaged pretty fast. Strong wind is able to rip off the shingles, and on top of that, it can also carry various objects with it that hit the top and cause further damage.

Whenever a particularly strong windstorm hits the neighborhood, individuals should look around their house for any shingles that have flown off. If there are no loose shingles it is still a good idea to call in the roofing repair professionals in Sterling Heights because they will be able to go up there and get a proper view of what actually happened.

2. Ice

Ice can damage roofs a lot especially when ice dams forms. When the weather gets really cold and homeowners notice an excessive amount of snow piling on the top of their homes, they should immediately call in the experts to help resolve the problem.

3. Critters

Small creatures are not only a nuisance to have in the home but they may also be causing problems on the top of one’s home. Mice, bats, and birds often inhabit structures and rip and gnaw at the vents and shingles. They can cause a considerable amount of damage, so if anyone hears strange sounds coming from their roof or if they see the animals going up there themselves, then calling in the experts is the best move to make.

Wind and debris, ice, and little creatures can cause a lot of damage to a person’s home structure in the long run. Other problems such as gutters that are not installed properly or are clogged can also cause water to collect on the top and create long-term damage.  Individuals need to take action whenever they feel like their home has been exposed to the above elements. It does not matter how big or small they feel the damage is, but the sooner the action is taken, the better. They need to call in the professionals to come and have a look. Professional roofers will be able to not only put a label on exactly what the problem is but they will be able to fix the problem as well.

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