What Materials are Common for a Commercial Roof?

June 16, 2018

What Materials are Common for a Commercial Roof?

There are a variety of materials that one can use for their commercial roofing. There are two common materials in particular that are used to build roofs; EPDM and TPO. Each of them has their own pros and cons as are discussed below.


Ethylene propylene diene monomer roofing, or EPDM, is highly popular because of its quality and ability to last a long time. An EPDM roof that was built with the best quality can easily last up to 20 years without running into any major problem. EPDM is also advantageous because of its very affordable price. It is well known for being one of the most affordable roof material options available for roofers.

EPDM is also well known as rubber roof, and it does not get damaged or scratched very easily. The biggest disadvantage of EPDM, however, is that it’s not as beautiful as other options. If a person is looking for a classy and expensive look then they may want to steer clear from EPDM. This material also does not reflect heat, in fact, it absorbs it very well. This can be dreadful in the summer months and will cause one to have to use a lot more of their AC. the fact that the material is generally only found in black colors makes the heat absorption problem a lot more severe. There are options to get EPDM in different colors but they generally cost more.


Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofs, or TPO, is another option for commercial buildings. This material is very popular because it is not very expensive and is usually even less expensive than EPDM. This material is lightweight and that makes it relatively easy to install. It is also good at resisting damage and it isn’t easy for algae to grow on it. The light color also makes it easier for the roof to reflect light and prevent hiking AC costs.

However, TPO is not fire resistant and it comes in different thickness levels so its performance is also not certain.

If an individual is looking for the perfect roof for their building, they should definitely consider contacting a commercial roofing company in Sterling Heights and getting their expert option. Both EPDM and TPO are common types of roof materials that can be used for a building. They are both cost-effective and also relatively sturdy when installed the right way. It can be overwhelming to select the right type of roof, especially when there are so many options out there, but a professional opinion will definitely help one narrow it down to the option that suits them most.

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