Best Roof Materials for Minimal Leaks

July 19, 2018

Best Roof Materials for Minimal Leaks

You may be thinking; don’t all types of roofs aim to protect against leaks? Isn’t that the job of roofs? While that is true, it’s just a fact that some materials are just better at keeping out leaks than others. Depending on your top priority when considering a new roof for your home, keep in mind the following types of roofs and materials that will minimize your chances of getting a leak out of the blue.

Rubber (for low slope roofs)

Rubber, though not always the prettiest roof option, can be great for affordability, longevity, and protection against leaks. Even better, this material can easily be patched in the off chance that a leak does occur. Rubber is an extremely strong and adaptable material and is also pretty good for the environment compared to a lot of other shingle materials like asphalt. Consider a rubber roof today if you’re worried about leaks down the road.


Metal is a durable, dependable material that more and more people are using for their roof. Keep in mind that this can be installed on both low slope and as well as steeply sloped roofs. If you do decide to go this route, you won’t need to worry about leaks coming in easily, as metal lasts a long time and is not likely to obtain holes and other causes of leakages.  Although this has one of the higher costs going in, it typically has the best return on your investment.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are standard in the southwest and in homes near the equator because they can protect a home from humid and hot places. But, clay tiles can also be used in homes that are often in the line of hurricanes, making this type of material a great option to prevent against leaks. Clay tiles can stand up to a lot of different types of severe weather, so if you’re worried about leaks, give them a try. Just keep in mind that clay tiles are not always the best option for extremely cold climates.


Regardless of the type of shingles you have on your home, you may want to consider a coating that will protect from leaks even more. There are many types of coatings on the market, including top-of-the-line sealants that will keep out any water from entering your home. It’s always a good idea to seal or coat your roof for extra protection, as leaks are common and a pain to deal with. Talk to your local roofing repair specialists in Sterling Heights about sealant options today.

The options for your new or existing roof may seem endless. But, keep in mind that having all these options only expands what is possible. This means you can try out different materials, like types of shingles or kinds of coatings and sealants, and always update later if they’re not working for your home.

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