New Developments in Roofing You Should Consider

July 26, 2018

New Developments in Roofing You Should Consider

So, you’ve finally admitted that you need a new roof; an unfortunate and expensive step for any homeowner. If this is in your near future, new technologies have offered a wealth of options that are environmentally friendly, more affordable, or ultra-durable. Whatever your top priority is in a new roof, consider the following new developments in the industry that you should consider implementing.

Eco-friendly shingles

New environmentally-friendly developments are being discovered all the time, in every industry, whether energy, home improvement, food, or automotive. And the options you now have for your roof are almost endless. A great option if you want to put wood shingles on your house is to find reclaimed wood, wood that has been leftover from mills and construction projects, for example. Other types of recycled shingles, plastic, or rubber, are also great eco-friendly options for shingles. Recycled metal roofing options are out there, too, another great way to save money and the environment at the same time.

Polymer shingles

Polymer shingles, which are synthetic or composite shingles, are a relatively new development in the industry. These shingles, though not always as nice-looking as wood shingles, are lightweight, durable, and have low production costs. These materials are also more environmentally friendly than plastic. This type of covering has also been proven to be longer-lasting and studier than a lot of other types of shingles.


While many kinds of coatings have been available for a long time, there are always new technologies being developed in this realm. Coatings help with insulation, which keeps your cost of heat and cooling systems down. Additionally, coatings have been known to greatly decrease the amount of leakage, something any homeowner would appreciate. Coatings also extend the life of your shingles so that you have to replace it less often, so they are really worth considering.

It can be difficult to keep up with every new development that is released around shingles and other materials, but the above information should give you some food for thought about making your shingles environmentally friendly, more affordable, and coated for extra protection. It’s also helpful to check out your local commercial roof repair specialists in Sterling Heights, who can teach you more about these developments and options.

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