Contacting Your Home Insurance Company to Fix Roof Damage

September 11, 2018

Contacting Your Home Insurance Company to Fix Roof Damage

Home insurance is one of the products that we have to buy but hope to never use. For many homeowners, it’s a grudge purchase. They believe the odds of the home flooding, catching fire, or being damaged in any way are extremely low.

However, the cost of fixing the home in these conditions tends to be tremendous though, which is why all mortgage lenders insist you invest in home insurance.

Of course, when the time comes that you have to claim, you consider this an absolute lifesaver.

That doesn’t make the situation any more stressful though.

Let’s say you discovered that your roof was damaged in a horrific storm. A tree fell on the roof causing a hole, exposing much of the roof to flooding in the future. This can be more than concerning.

At this stressful time, you want the insurance claims process to be as smooth as possible.

Here are some tips to help ensure that this is the case.

Choosing the right insurance company

Many homeowners with the attitude described in the introduction might choose to go with the cheapest possible home insurance company, or settling for the mortgage provider’s insurance company, regardless of its price and reputation.

That could be good for your bank balance, but it tends to be a hassle when the time comes to claim.

Your inexpensive home insurance policy is likely to cover roof damage, but often with these companies the customer service is lacking, turning an already stressful situation into a nightmare that seems unlikely to ever end.

That’s why it’s recommended to shop around for the best combination of price and reputation for customer service when choosing a home insurance provider.

Preparing your claim

As part of the preparation for your claim, you’ll need to call to have a roofing company assess the damage and the costs of repairing it. It’s important to hire an experienced company to take care of these inspections and your need for a replacement. The opinion of a reputable roofing company will hold a lot more weight during the insurance claims process.

The experienced professionals at a reputable company will be well aware of what needs to be done in order for an insurance claim to be accepted. They’ll be aware of the photographs that need to be supplied to back up their assessment and will be only too happy to take them.

In fact, it’s difficult to have too much proof of damage in circumstances like these. The more you can verify on the cost of repairs, the more likely it is that an insurance company will approve the claim. The support of an experienced roofer cannot be understated here.

Once the claim is approved, your choice of roof repair company can get to work on fixing the damage that was caused in the storm.

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