Pick the Perfect Color for Your Roof Replacement

September 12, 2018

Pick the Perfect Color for Your Roof Replacement

Every detail of your home makes a major impact on your property’s overall curb appeal. Whether you realize it or not, your roof makes up a good portion of that impression. Whether you have clay shingles or metal roofing in Clifton Twp, one of the easiest ways to transform the appearance of your home is in the color you choose when replacing your roof. Here are some tips on choosing your color and matching your choice to the rest of your home’s exterior color scheme and look.

Your Climate’s Impact

Did you know that the colors you choose for residential roofing in Clinton Twp can ultimately have an impact on your energy bills and even help reduce your costs each month?

  • If you want to keep your home cooler, choose a light colored roof material. These hues reflect sunlight and help maintain a lower internal temperature.
  • On the flipside, to keep your home toastier, dark shingles will absorb heat and help occupants stay warm during the chillier months. This color is also helpful when it comes to melting snow and ice that builds up on the roof.

Coordinating with Your Color Scheme

Of course, you should be taking the color scheme and existing structure of your home into perspective when choosing the right color for your roof replacement.

Building Materials

Think of the standout elements of your home when considering what to match. This includes any natural siding such as brick, wood or stone. For example, the red tones of brick homes pairs perfectly with darker browns, blacks, and grays.

Shutters and Siding

Though you could of course repaint your shutters to match your new roof color, if you like the color your shutters currently are then they’re a smart element to base your roof color off of. If your shutters contrast with your siding color, then re-roofing in the same hue can tie your home together perfectly. When in doubt, medium and dark colored shingles tend to look good on most homes.

Architectural Style

Is your home built in the Victorian style, or perhaps has Mediterranean inspirations? The architectural style of your home can help guide your roofing choice. For example, classic homes will look best in a neutral color palette (such as cream and dark gray) while ranch-style homes should stick with weathered grays, greens and browns for a natural look.

Using your knowledge to guide your choice when selecting a new roof for your home. Get the expert opinion of a professional roofer to help make the best choice.

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