Why it Might be Time to Reconsider Roofing Material

October 18, 2018

Why it Might be Time to Reconsider Roofing Material

Many people assume that the only option for material on the top layer of their home is shingles. It seems like that it is the standard choice when it comes to getting the job done, and many individuals are never informed about other options or industry standards that may be available. Read on to learn more about why metal may be a better option for you and your home.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Driving by a home that contains metal roofing in Clinton Twp, you can’t help but notice how nice it looks. The clean lines along the edges, the streamline look from peak to valley, and the impeccable matching of the fascia and gutter mean that opting for a material other than shingles or asphalt makes for a very aesthetically pleasing home. This is a great result not only for people who own their home and are looking to make it look nice, but also for people who are looking to sell their home and want to make sure it has ideal curb appeal.

  • Economically Viable

Shingle home coverings need to be regularly replaced. At the time of replacement, this is a costly endeavor, given the cost of materials, labor and other contractor fees. This is not the same case for other materials however. Choosing to finish your home in alternative materials is typically less expensive because these materials last longer. The cost of metal is spread out over far more years than the cost of shingles, making it a more affordable option for many people. Furthermore, there is often less maintenance involved, and many people find that they have minimal issues with leaks or damage overheard, which, with shingles, would typically require the services of a professional to fix.

  • Weather Friendly

Another advantage to having an alternative material is that it is very responsive to weather and is ideal for climate control. Asphalt can be drafty, allowing wind to get in and making the house cold in winter and making it difficult to keep warm in the home without turning up the heat. Asphalt covering options often require owners to more intensely insulate their roof, as well as often end up having them spend more money on heating costs in the home. Furthermore, if there is a leak, it is costlier to repair because of the under layers of insulation that also need to be replaced.

While shingles or asphalt options may be best for some people, that is not necessarily the case for everyone. Consider your options before you have the job completed on your home and then click here to schedule your consultation or contact us at 586-566-0308, complete the request form on this page or email us at billjr@kanga-roof.com. We look forward to “Hopping To It” for you today!



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