Special Considerations for Commercial Roofs

October 20, 2018

Considerations for Commercial Roofs

Having a residential roof installed is one thing, but it is quite different when you are facing the need to have a roof for your business or in an industrial park problem. There are lots of details to think about when it comes to contacting a commercial roofer in Sterling Heights to complete the job. These include safety, legal, cost, and alternative repair options.

  • Safety

Having a structure that meets safety standards is essential. This is, of course, important for a residential roof for your home, but it is even more so important for you to understand the safety and legal requirements when it comes to a commercial establishment, as is it the public that is involved. In addition, the standards are likely different for safety requirements, compared to residential and it is important that you are working with a contractor that meets industry regulations and maintains the building to code.

  • Cost

Don’t neglect the cost of your overhead structure when it comes to having it done for your business. Metal roofs are typically less expensive in the long run because they last longer. It is critical to be knowledgeable on the coast ahead of time, but also to speak to your contractor and establish a set price to make sure everyone agrees on upfront.

  • Labor

There may be an increased cost of having your job done on a larger scale. Part of that cost is materials, as detailed above, but labor may also be expensive, as it will take longer to complete the job than a residential equivalent. The most important part of that, however, is that you find a laborer who has the experience and expertise. There are a lot of differences in residential roofs versus commercial roofs, and if installed by the wrong person, you will not get a job that is satisfactory, and then it will also take longer, and cost you more. Be sure to source your labor or company from a reputable recommendation.

  • Repairs

No matter what the roof is, at some point, there will be a need for maintenance, or to fix a problem that may arise. Commercial roof repairs in Sterling Heights are easily completed by the right company and are critical for maintaining the longevity of the structure, keeping it safe, and making sure that it stays weatherproof and the metal materials continue to insulate sufficiently.

No matter what the job is that you need to be done, the integrity of your overhead roof is crucial. Click here to schedule your consultation and speak to a professional to find out what you need to be done. You can also contact us at 586-566-0308, complete the request form on this page, or email us at billjr@kanga-roof.com. We look forward to “Hopping To It” for you today!



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