Choosing the Best Roof Type for Your Home

October 25, 2018

Choosing the Best Roof Type for Your Home

Many people assume that the only option for a roof is shingles. After all, it is indeed the most common, and you are probably quite used to seeing it as the roof material of choice wherever you go. But you may be surprised to learn, not just that there are other roof options, but also that other options may be better for you and suit your property or lifestyle more effectively. Consider these options as you prepare to redo your roof or build your house.


The industry standard for most home roof applications, the shingle roof is made by adding a layer of waterproofing over the truss structures, before assembling single shingles in a predetermined repeating pattern across the roof. Each one has a layer which overlaps the preceding layer, making the arrangement waterproof and sealed. Shingles are made out of different material options, including plastic, asphalt and rubber compounds. The repeating pattern gives shingle roofs an aesthetically pleasing look and they fare well in snow and cold, offering good home insulation. They can however, blow off in extremely windy conditions.


Just like there are alternative siding options in Sterling Heights, metal also presents an alternative roofing option to the more popular shingles selection. You may predominantly associate metal roofs with industrial buildings or barns, but this roof option does not have to be relegated solely to the flat roofed, box-like buildings you may be thinking of. In fact, just like shingles metal roofing can be used for a pitched roof as well. This material option does better in hot weather climates and is less prone to leaking, as when installed by a professional can be made completely watertight. Many people also find that roof maintenance is less difficult with metal roofs, and debris rolls off more easily.


A popular European roof selection, clay tile roofs are not near as common in North America. They can be high maintenance for individuals who live in an area with weather that tends to cause regular roof damage, like wind, snow or hail. The tiles can get broken and need to be replaced. Doing this too often can be expensive, and fewer roofing companies are including tile roofing in their roster of services. While not a completely out of the question option, be sure to weight out the pros and cons of a tile roof and speak to a professional in the field before committing to this material selection.

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