4 Signs You May Need a Roof Repair

November 5, 2018

4 Signs You May Need a Roof Repair

Unlike any other room or area of the house, you likely don’t spend too much time on your roof. The occasional look at the end of fall when you are cleaning out the gutters, or perhaps a once yearly walk across to check for any issues, but for many people, even these tasks aren’t something they tackle regularly. In fact, there is no reason to do any of this on your own when you are able to make use of the services of a professional to help meet your roofing needs and look after your roof maintenance. The trick though is to know when you need to call in the professional and when you may need to consider getting your roof repaired.

  • It has Been a Year or More

Generally speaking, you should have a professional head up to the roof every year. This is simply good practice to make sure the integrity of your roof is upheld, to get the early scope on any potential problems, to perform any cleaning and maintenance tasks and simply to remove debris and items like branches and leaves which could compromise the stability of the roof. Establish a relationship with a roofer who you trust and make an appointment for him or her to visit at least once a year to make sure everything is safe up above.

  • There is Water or Moisture in the Attic

The attic is the first place that will show the signs of a leak. Whether you see wet spots, it feels damp in the air, you see mold growing, or there is visible water, these are all indications of a problem with water getting in and it is important to call a professional right away. Failure to address a leak or water getting into your home can cause a great deal of long-term damage that is expensive to fix, and even endanger the health of household members due to mold growth inside the home.

  • You Hear Loud Noises That Sound Like Animals

Scratching, scuttling, gnawing or animal noises are not welcome sounds in the home. If you can hear these from inside your home, chances are the animals may have gotten into your roof. This could be anything from rats and mice to racoons or worse. Animals can cause a lot of damage very quickly and having them properly trapped and removed in a timely manner is essential.

  • There Has Been a Bad Storm, Season or Weather Event

After a weather event such as a tornado, or a bad winter which brought a lot of snow, wind, ice and freezing, it is never a bad idea to call a roofer to double check everything on the roof is still okay and there was no damage or anything that could pose a safety risk.

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