3 Aspects of the Home All Homeowners Should Inspect in the Winter Time

January 14, 2019

3 Aspects of the Home All Homeowners Should Inspect in the Winter Time

Of all the seasons that Mother Nature throws at us, winter is by far the harshest. However, the blistering wind and ice-cold temperatures don’t just have an effect on people; winter also has a major adverse effect on their homes. Over the winter season, large amounts of snow and rapid melting and can cause a huge impact on a home. As a homeowner, it is important to make sure that all of these household components are working to their full potential. This will prevent expensive repairs or replacements in the spring.

Seals of Doors and Windows

During the winter, homeowners and their families usually prefer to stay warm when they are inside. However, this can be difficult if the seals of the doors and windows are not airtight. If the seals of doors and windows are not airtight, they will allow more cold air to sneak into the home. This will not only make the residents of the home colder, but it will also make the homeowner spend more money. This is due to the fact that they will be cranking their heaters up all winter long. Be sure to check all of the doors and windows for loose seals before the snow hits. This will ensure that the homeowner is warm and that they are not wasting any money.


Homeowners in Sterling Heights, MI, that have vinyl siding on their home may want to keep a close eye on it. As the temperature drops, vinyl siding becomes gradually more prone to cracking and breaking. This can also cause the home to become colder. It is important to watch out for issues with this household component.


During the winter, a residential attic can become the perfect hiding place for uninvited animals. These animals can range from rodents to birds. Although some animals are cute, they can cause serious damage to a home. This damage can include leaks, cracks or structural damage. All residential homeowners should regularly inspect their attics for animals. Although they may not be easy to spot at first, keep an eye out for points of entry and animal droppings. If there are any clear signs of either, it is important to call a pest control service immediately.

Although many people love the winter and all of its fun festivities, there is a real downside to it: the damage that it can do to a residential building. As a homeowner, it is important to consistently inspect the home for signs of damage in the winter. This will minimize the chances of having to spend hard earned money on repairs or replacements.

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