Why Regular Roof Maintenance is Important

March 22, 2019


Why Regular Roof Maintenance is Important

Roof repairs aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite home improvement project. When people in Sterling Heights think about home improvement, they usually think about the interior, a garden, a deck, or even getting new siding. Roofs are just, well, kind of there. Except that roofs are one of the most important aspects of what makes a house a safe place to live. Roofs are what keep you from the heat in the summer, rain and windy days, as well as snow in the start of the year. Without a roof, nothing in your house can really function very well. Here are more reasons why you should consider making roof repairs a priority.

When it comes to roofs, time is money

Perhaps the same case can be made for a lot of home repairs, but since roofs are a huge project the costs tend to increase exponentially the longer you wait to make repairs. Small fixes can be made for small prices, so don’t let small issues fester and become bigger or you will have to spend more money getting it fixed.

Roofs have a lifespan

Most roofs can last up to 25 years, so it’s important to regularly check and see if your roof needs maintenance. The other factor to keep in mind is also that weather can also take a toll on the quality of your roof. Depending on the material it’s made out of, some roofs need to be inspected more often than others. Winter and summer weather have different effects on the roof and regular maintenance can actually make your roof last longer, which is good for when you’re thinking of selling your house down the road.

 It takes some load off your mind

Knowing that your roof is in prime condition will let you rest easy at night. You know you won’t wake up in the middle of the night with water leaking out of your ceiling. Your house is not humid and there is no mold growth on your walls from bad air circulation. When you know your roof is strong and reliable, you don’t have to worry when a storm hits if it’s going to cause significant damages to your house.

In the end, it’s all a matter of acting before it’s too late. Preventing issues from happening is the best way you can prepare yourself and your family members. This is why we offer the Overhead Care Club. Our technicians will come out once per year, inspect the roof, perform any needed maintenance, and review what we find with you. The best defense is a good offense in the world of home renovations. Click here to schedule your consultation and 26 Point Roofing and Exterior Safety Inspection with one of our Exterior Renovation Specialists. You can also contact us at 586-566-0308, complete the request form on this page or email us at HopToIt@Kanga-Roof.com. The “Burkhart Boys” look forward to “Hopping To It” for you today!



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