How to Make a Commercial Roof Last as Long as Possible

May 13, 2019

Having a livable home is one thing, but having a suitable workplace is another. Without a sufficient building to work out of, most companies will have no way to conduct their business and be forced to lose thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Of course, commercial buildings are more than just a floor and four walls. They also require a roof to hold it all together and make it a suitable location. Not just any roof though, a roof that will last the test of time. No one wants to have to get commercial roof repairs done on their Sterling Heights building every few months. They want to be able to get a commercial roofer from Sterling Heights to come in, install an amazing roof, and then not have to worry about the structural integrity of the roof for a long time.

Unfortunately, if businesses hire the wrong roofers from Sterling Heights they might end up having to get their roof regularly repaired. So here are some ways to help ensure that the commercial roof on their building will last as long as possible.

Pick the Right Material

A roofer can only build a good product if they are using good materials, which is why one of the most important steps for building a roof with longevity is to use the right kind of materials for the job. There are many different types of roofing materials that can be used and they each come with their own expected lifespan.

For example, if someone is looking for a roof that will provide the greatest lifespan possible, then they should consider getting either a spray foam roof (SPF) or a concrete tile roof. Both of these materials are designed to withstand almost any kind of external conditions and if used and maintained properly can last over 50 years.

There are plenty of other roofing materials that will last not quite as long but will still last a long time and might be a bit more visually appealing. These include metal roofs, which can last between 40-50 years, and green roofs, which last anywhere from 30-50 years. If the company is looking to have a flat roof, then they might want to consider going with polyvinyl chloride single ply membrane, which is by far the most popular option for flat roofs and can last about 10-50 years.

Companies that are not afraid of having a few more roofing repairs done on their Clinton Twp building will have even more material options available to them. These include the rubber material of ethylene propylene diene monomer single ply membrane, which lasts about 10-40 years, thermoplastic polyolefin single ply membrane, which lasts around 15-30 years, and modified bitumen, which has a lifespan of about 10-25 years.

Choose Sloped Over Flat

The shape of the roof has an enormous impact on the longevity of the roof. While there are many reasons why someone might want to choose a flat roof or a sloped one, the durability of the roof is not one of those reasons.

Sloped roofs are able to last longer than flat ones for a few different reasons. The first one being that sloped roofs are able to use so many more types of materials than what is available for flat roofs. While shingles are an extremely popular and versatile option for many roofs, as soon as a commercial building has a flat roof, shingles are no longer an option.

The other main reason why flat roofs do not last quite as long as sloped roofs are because of how they are designed to handle large amounts of snow, ice, and rain. When precipitation of any form lands on a sloped roof, it can easily trail off of the roof when the weather gets warm enough to melt it. However, on most flat roofs, a large portion of that precipitation is allowed to sit and fester on the roof because of the low-grade slope that exists from the flat roof materials.

That is not to say that flat roofs are not able to last a long time. As long as they hire the right roofers from Clinton Twp and use the optimal materials, flat roofs are still able to last a very long time with proper maintenance.

Keep It Properly Ventilated

Having a roof that is sufficiently ventilated is a necessary part of roof longevity. Without proper ventilation, the roof will be unable to moderate its temperature, which can lead to significant stress being put onto the structure. Having this ability to moderate the temperature of the roof will be a major benefit during the height of the summer and winter seasons. That way, the roof is able to stay warm during the cold weather and keep everything nice and cool during the warm weather.

It also helps deal with any potential moisture issues that may occur. If any moisture is allowed to sit and fester, then it could end up damaging the structural integrity and performance of the roof. However, if the roof is properly ventilated, then the air is able to circulate through and evaporate the moisture before it can cause an issue to occur.

Perform Regular Maintenance

One of the most important factors in maintaining a roof’s durability is performing regular maintenance on it. No matter what type of material was used or how well it was built, every roof needs annual maintenance. By doing preemptive maintenance, the roof will be able to go much longer before any sort of issue pops up.

Even if the roof does not need to have any actual maintenance done to it very often, it is still important to give it a thorough examination regularly. Otherwise, small issues could pop up and go unnoticed for several months. In that time, they can end up developing into much bigger and more expensive problems. That is why calling the commercial roofers in Sterling Heights to check out the roof, the building’s infrastructure should be regularly inspected and maintained. Contact Kanga Roof today to learn more about commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. Check out our current specials or click here to schedule your consultation and 26 Point Roofing and Exterior Safety Inspection with one of our Exterior Renovation Specialists. You can also contact us at 586-566-0308, complete the request form on this page or email us at The “Burkhardt Boys” look forward to “Hopping To It” for you today!



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