How to Spot Damage to the Roof

May 17, 2019

How to Spot Damage to the Roof

One of the worst things that can happen to a home is that significant damage occurs to the roof. The roof is the thing that keeps the rest of the home from experiencing the harsh effects of things like rain, snow, hail, and everything else that mother nature can throw at residents. Therefore, it is crucial that the roof remains in good condition at all times.

Part of this is being able to spot damage to the roof right away so that homeowners can call a residential roofing company in Clinton Twp and have them fix it. The first step in being able to detect any damage is knowing what to look for. Here are some of the main things that homeowners should be looking at in order to detect roof damage.

How Often Should the Roof Be Looked At?

Knowing when homeowners should be checking their roof is important so that they do not end up going years without examining it. This could allow unseen damage to fester and get much worse over time. The short answer is that homeowners should be checking it as much as possible. However, having a vague goal like that is not a satisfying answer to many people, so here are some particulars about when to check the roof.

The absolute minimum that homeowners should be checking is twice a year. These examinations should usually take place during the transitional period before and after the winter season. This is because taking care of much-needed roofing repairs for a Sterling Heights home before the cold weather strikes is an important step in preparing for the snowfall. Without looking it over first, residents put themselves at risk of experiencing a structural failure from all the snow that they might get.

They also need to check the roof after all the snow has melted for the season because much moisture buildup and cold weather could have caused damage to the roof. The last thing that they want to have happen is that the rain during the summer manages to leak into their home through cracks and holes.

Whenever a massive storm comes through, homeowners should also be taking time to check out their roof the next day. Storms do not just damage the siding of their Sterling Heights home, but can also impact the roof. Items like branches or other sharp and heavy objects could have easily blown onto the roof and caused damage to occur. This is something that they will want to deal with sooner rather than later, so if they do spot damage, then they need to make sure that they call expert roofers in Sterling Heights to come and deal with it.

Look for Missing Shingles

One of the easiest indicators that roofing repairs are needed are missing shingles. These become a major problem area the longer that they are left to sit and fester.

As precipitation settles into these areas, mold can develop. It also removes the protection that the metal roofing provides their Clinton Twp home, so the roof suddenly becomes vulnerable to sharps objects such as twigs and animal claws in the areas without shingles. It is best to play it safe and get someone to install new shingles in place of the missing or worn down ones in order to prevent further damage.

Examine the Edges of the Shingles

It is not just whether or not the shingles are missing that is the problem. Even if the shingles are still present, there could be some issues with them that can jeopardize the health of the roof. If the edges of the shingles have become damaged at all, then the damage majorly impacts the shingles’ ability to function properly.

The overhang that the edges give to the shingles allows precipitation and other factors to glide from one shingle to the next without ever touching the underside of the roof. However, when these edges have begun to curl upwards or get broken off, the shingles are no longer able to do that. Suddenly, the aspects of nature are free to go underneath the shingle and fester on the surface of the roof. This greatly increases the chances of the roof developing holes and other damage.

Take a Look at the Gutters

Following the trail of shingle damage will lead homeowners to the gutters where all of the materials that break down from the roof and become dislodged will end up. So, if they want to know whether or not the shingles are starting to fall apart, this is a good place to start their investigation.

Locating any shingle granules within their gutters means that their shingles are nearing the end of their life cycle and need to be replaced soon. Even if the shingles all appear to be completely attached still, the shingles could be suffering from more subtle damage that impacts their structural integrity. They should also look for traces of the bonding material used on their roof, such as tar because this will point to much more serious problems with their roof.

Check Out the Electric Bill

One of the other ways that homeowners might be able to detect damage to the roof is through a high energy bill. When the roof develops holes, cracks, or a loss of insulation, it begins to lose heat at a much faster rate. This will result in their electric bill being much higher than it normally is.

The only problem with this method is that it only indicates a general loss of energy efficiency in their home. While the energy loss could be occurring through their roof, it could also be happening because of inefficiencies in their windows or doors. This should not be the only way they check for roof damage but it can be a good early symptom to look for.

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