8 Common Roofing Questions Answered by the Professionals

July 10, 2019

8 Common Roofing Questions Answered by the Professionals 

Any homeowner that has been in their house for a couple of years will start to have some questions about their roofing. Residential and commercial roofing requires specific care and maintenance from professional roofers to keep it in good condition.

In this article, homeowners and business owners will find the answers to eight roofing questions that are commonly asked by those unfamiliar with roofing in general or commercial roofing repairs, as well as a thorough answers from the professionals.

1-How Can a Homeowner Tell When an Asphalt Shingle Roof Needs to Be Replaced?

There are usually a few clues that will let someone know that their asphalt shingle roof will need to be replaced soon. One of the biggest indicators is the age of the roof because they only typically last between 20 and 30 years. Calling the roofers in Sterling Heights may be necessary if the shingles have been up there for quite some time.

It is important for homeowners to do a yearly inspection to check for shingles that may be curling, cracking, or otherwise lifting. Also, inspections identify any spots where it appears that the granules have disappeared. A trip to the attic is also necessary, and the homeowner should be looking for any spots where there is sunlight peeking through the beams. Any of these issues should also have them picking up the phone to call in the professionals.

2-Which Will Last Longer, a Roof with a Steep Pitch or One with a Shallow Pitch?

Overall, the steepness of the pitch doesn’t have as much effect on the longevity of the roof as other factors. While a roof with a steep pitch may not collect as much debris or grow as much algae, a shallow pitch won’t take as much sun damage. The factors that have a lot more influence on the longevity of a roof include the ventilation underneath the roof, the weather where the home is located, and the type of shingle that is used in the construction of the roof.

3-What is Roof Flashing?

Experts in residential roofing from Clinton Twp. describe roof flashing as the material that is placed over the joints in the roof to prevent water damage. Roof flashing is usually made from galvanized steel or aluminum, and it can generally be seen in the valleys of the roof, around the chimney or any protruding pipes, and around skylights or dormers. Flashing can become loose which can lead to water seeping into the area and causing damage to the roof and the ceiling underneath. These types of problems can usually be patched by professional roofers. Homeowners and business owners can stay on the lookout for any flashing that appears to be oxidizing, deteriorating, or just plain loose.

4-What is the Difference Between a Skylight and a Roof Window?

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between a skylight and a roof window. Basically, any time natural light can come through the roof due to a glazed assembly, that is considered a skylight. However, when the skylight is oversized and set in such a way that landscape is visible, it tends to get referred to as a roof window.

5-Can Roofers in Sterling Heights Get Rid of the Black Stains on a Roof?

In most cases, dark streaks or dark spots on a roof are caused by algae. This organism thrives in areas of the roof that are moisture-rich and shady. The algae consume the minerals that are deposited on the roof shingles. There is really no damage being done to the roof by the algae, but most homeowners don’t like the appearance. There are zinc and copper strips that can be mounted on the roof by a residential or commercial roofing company in Clinton Twp. to help eliminate some of the algae.

6-Can an Amateur Install a Metal Roof?

It is not recommended that an amateur or DIYer attempt to install a roof of any kind. For those wishing to make a switch, hiring a company that is proficient in metal roofing in Clinton Twp. is the safest approach. Attempting to do roofing work without proper training, equipment, and supplies is a very easy way to get seriously injured. While installing a metal roof may seem easy, there are a lot of things to consider including how to install the roof around the chimney or how to handle the dormer siding. It is typically best to leave the roofing installation to a professional.

7-How Can a Storm-Damaged Roof Be Protected?

After a bout of inclement weather, it is very common for roofing repair companies to be extremely busy. Things like hailstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can do a lot of damage to a lot of homes in a very short amount of time. All those damaged homes will need immediate repairs, and there are usually not enough roofing professionals to go around. Homeowners may find that they need a temporary fix to keep the elements out of the attic or even the main body of the home. The best thing to do while waiting for roofers is to cover the damaged portion with a woven plastic tarp. This should be done with the utmost care to avoid any injury because roofs can be quite treacherous, especially when they have already sustained damage. If a homeowner is unsure, they can always consult with the roofers about what should be done while they wait for their repair.

8-Is it Necessary to Take Off the Old Shingles?

While it may be common for many homes to have multiple layers of shingles, it really isn’t the best practice. A single layer of shingles is much better for the home as it looks better overall, the roof will last longer, and it doesn’t add all that unnecessary weight to the structure. If a home already has two or even three layers of shingles, it is best for the residential roofing team in Clinton Twp. to remove the old layers before putting on the new shingles.

Roofing can be very complex, but it is very important that families and businesses ensure theirs is in great shape. Schedule a consultation with residential and commercial roofers in Sterling Heights to learn more.

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