Is It Time for Commercial Roof Repairs?

April 30, 2020

Is It Time for Commercial Roof Repairs?

A business’s roof is of critical importance. Whether it’s a retail store, a manufacturing plant, a business in the service industry, or something else, that roof is all that stands between the building’s interior (and customers/clients, merchandise, and employees), and inclement weather. Even seemingly minor damage could be enough to allow moisture inside, and to allow heated or cooled air to escape. Given the importance of the roof, it’s essential to know when it is time for commercial roof repairs in Sterling Heights. How can a business tell, though?


One of the most important things to understand is that if a commercial roof is very old, it should be repaired even if there haven’t been any signs of water leaks. Over time, the roof must contend with a great deal of abuse and stress, exposure to freezing temperatures and high heat levels, rain, sleet, snow, ice buildup, and more. That takes a toll.

Age does not necessarily mean that there’s a need to repair or replace a commercial roof immediately, but a business should have it inspected regularly to ensure that it stays in good condition. An aged roof is more susceptible to some forms of damage than a newer roof, and regular inspections from a professional commercial roofer will help ensure that the business stays protected.

Signs of Moisture in the Interior

One sign that a business may need to call a commercial roofer in Sterling Heights is the appearance of moisture within the building’s interior. These can include the following:

  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Water drips/signs of dripping down walls
  • Moisture collecting in light fixtures
  • Damp, mildew-like smell in certain areas of the business
  • Visible mold or mildew
  • Sagging or damaged interior sheetrock on the ceiling or upper walls

Sagging Roof

Another sign that a Sterling Heights business needs roofing repair is if there are sagging areas of the roof. This is more common with asphalt shingles and certain types of flat roofs, but can occur with other types, as well. The roof should be level and even. If certain areas are beginning to sag, it’s important to call for help as soon as possible. The sagging may be caused by ponding, water accumulation in the underlayment, and more.

Flashing Issues

Flashing is used around things like vents and other structures to help prevent water leaks. If the flashing fails, water may be able to penetrate at the base of the structure and then run down to the roofing substrate, where it will absorb and eventually leak through, causing damage to the interior of the building. Regular inspections can help the business spot missing, damaged, or poorly attached flashing and take action before it becomes a huge problem.

Bubbling or Blisters

Depending on the roofing material used, a business may notice bubbling or blisters forming. This is another sign that there’s a need to work with expert roofers in Sterling Heights. In most cases, bubbles and blisters form when moisture is trapped under the roof material. When that moisture heats up and begins to evaporate, it causes blisters/bubbles to form. Once these have formed, it will take very little to cause catastrophic damage to the roof.

Draining Issues

Large commercial roofs are built with drains to help eliminate the possibility of ponding water. Ponding can add an immense amount of weight to the roof, potentially causing structural damage. It can also allow moisture to seep into the roof over time. If drains and/or gutters are clogged, they may be causing water to pond, creating serious headaches. A regular inspection of the roof, drains, gutters, and downspouts can help to head this type of issue off before it causes damage to the roof.

An Increase in Energy Bills

The cost of heating and cooling the business is one of the most significant factors in your energy bill. Chances are good that the business keeps an eye on that expense each month in an effort to limit costs. If a business notices that the energy bills continue to rise without a corresponding change in the weather, it could be a sign that the roof is damaged and is allowing heated or cooled air to escape into the surrounding environment. In this instance, a visual inspection is unlikely to identify the source of the air leak. However, commercial roofers in Sterling Heights can use advanced thermal imaging equipment to identify air leaks from the roof and other parts of the structure.

Seam Gaps

In most cases, a commercial roof will have one or more seams. These are used to join roofing materials together, providing waterproofing and protection. While they are vital, seams are also weak points in the roof’s defense and can become compromised. Often, they are the first point of failure on an aging commercial roof. A gap in a seam can allow water to seep in and under the waterproof membrane, penetrating the substrate and eventually leaking into the business itself. Seam gaps can be difficult to spot, particularly if they are just beginning, so it pays to have a professional inspect the roof for signs of damage.

Time to Take Action

If anyone has noticed any of the signs above, it is time to consider commercial roof repairs in Sterling Heights. With a trusted, professional roofing company, repairs can be done quickly, and with a minimum of interruption for the business. Not sure that there’s a roofing problem? A commercial roofer in Sterling Heights can inspect the roof, identify signs of existing or impending problems, and help the business create a plan of attack to handle those issues quickly.

The better commercial roofing companies in the area serve businesses throughout Sterling Heights and vicinity. Whether a business needs repairs to a metal roof, asphalt shingle roof, waterproof membrane, bitumen roof, or some other type of structure, a solution is available.

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