8 Common Problems with Commercial Roofing in Clinton Twp and What to Do About Them

July 24, 2020

8 Common Problems with Commercial Roofing in Clinton Twp and What to Do About Them

It is fair to say that commercial roofing problems are inevitable and unavoidable. After all, a commercial roof is exposed to the same wear and tear that any residential property’s roof experiences, and a bit more. Because the bulk of commercial roofing is also flat roofing, there are many common issues that occur. And for those with commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. or commercial roofing in Sterling Heights, it is beneficial to understand these seven common concerns and the solutions available.

  1. Installation Trouble

It may be unpleasant to consider, but commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. or commercial roofing in Sterling Heights may suffer from poor or sub-standard workmanship that leaves it vulnerable to problems almost as soon as construction or installation is complete. Some would argue that it is impossible to overestimate the value of expert and proper installation. After all, it increases the life expectancy of any flat or commercial roofing.

As examples of the ways that poor installation can lead to greater trouble, there are the issues of adhesion of the materials, sealing of seams, application of the materials according to manufacturer specifications (such as relaxing sheets of roofing before installing), blistering, wrinkling, leaking, badly installed flashing, flawed moisture barrier installation…all such issues are the result of poor installation and can cause substantial problems.

  1. Lack of Upkeep

Another glitch that occurs commonly with commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. and commercial roofing in Sterling Heights is the absence of a proper schedule for upkeep and maintenance. It may be the work of a property owner or manager to get on the roof and perform regular visual inspections, and when this is ignored, fixable issues worsen. It may be that repairing minor problems goes by the wayside and they worsen to the point of structural damage or the need for a full replacement of the commercial roof.

  1. Standing Water

Flat and improperly sloped roofs all suffer this issue, and whether due to clogged drains, HVAC units with missing lines, or flawed installation of roofing materials, it can lead to serious trouble. Before effecting any repairs, the owners of commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. or commercial roofing in Sterling Heights must have the official cause of the standing water diagnosed.

Why? Should it be due to an improper slope, specialized products can help to alleviate the issue. If it is failing sheeting, that means a replacement has to be arranged, and if it has to do with equipment, those repairs must be made in advance.



  1. Flawed Repairs

It is not all that unusual for commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. or commercial roofing in Sterling Heights to have sustained less than stellar repair service over the course of a building’s useful life. For example, improper materials (which were not designed or meant to be used with flat roofing materials) may have been used and damaged the roof. Metal roofing is commonly victim to such issues and when fixed with plastics or other materials, will lead to major issues.

  1. Puncture

After a roof is installed or a new building completed, it is still possible for the commercial roofing to sustain a puncture or suffer some sort of damaging penetration. Foot traffic, tears from dragged supplies or equipment, or even damages from debris thrown around by weather and wind can all damage the roofing and its substrate. This can cause a leak that damages the interior of the structure but it can also lead to a failure of the commercial roofing over the long term.

  1. Blow Off

In addition to wind and weather causing problems for commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. or commercial roofing in Sterling Heights, there is the issue known as “blow off.” Effectively, this is when wind blows strongly and causes suction and pressure against the surface of the roofing. It begins to lift and weaken the roofing materials. While this is due to an improper installation process, it is a separate problem that deserves attention and repair, which is usually a reinstallation of new material.

  1. Shrinking

It is also possible that commercial roofing can shrink. After all, the materials are exposed to extremes of heat in the summer season and may deal with brutal cold in the winter months. If there is flashing and metal drip edging, it can also shrink and change in overall size from season to season. The metal joints expand and contract, and there can be breakage that leads to leaks, damages, and even blow off during strong winds.

  1. Problems with Pitch Pan and Flashing Installation

Not all commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. or commercial roofing in Sterling Heights features flashing and pitch pans (though most will). Designed to channel and deflect water away from the more vulnerable joints and seams as well as appearing around vertical walls, objects protruding from the roofing (such as chimneys and venting pipes), and curbing, they must be properly installed. When the installation of these elements is flawed, it can lead to a great deal of trouble.

Expansion and contraction, leaking and tearing, and damage to the substrate are all possible when there are problems with pitch pans and flashing.

These are some of the most common problems that develop with commercial roofing. They can be avoided through basic maintenance and upkeep, as well as expert inspections on a seasonal basis. Repairs should always be done by professionals with a long history in commercial and residential work, and the best providers are those that can install, as well as repair, commercial roofing. Allowing common problems to shorten a roof’s anticipated life expectancy is easily avoidable, especially when building owners and property managers are fully informed as to the most common problems and how to avoid or repair them.

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