How to Select a Top Provider of Commercial Roofing for a Sterling Heights Property

August 24, 2020
How to Select a Top Provider of Commercial Roofing for a Sterling Heights Property IMAGE

How to Select a Top Provider of Commercial Roofing for a Sterling Heights Property

Roofing is roofing, right?

It would be great if that were true, but between the wide array of building styles (think steeply pitched roofs, flat roofs, residential, and commercial properties) and materials, roofing is never a simple or straightforward issue. This is why those in need of commercial roofing in Sterling Heights will want to dedicate some time to choosing the best providers possible. Below are several useful tips for making that decision.

Look only to experts in commercial roofing in Sterling Heights.

While a company may be able to offer residential and commercial roofing in Sterling Heights, it is always going to pay to look at a provider with a proven track record in commercial work. The company’s website is a good place to begin and, if it is full of beautiful homes with gorgeous roofs but very slim in commercial examples, it is a good idea to keep looking. Once a provider of roofing in Sterling Heights can demonstrate a lot of experience with larger and more complex commercial projects, then it’s time to move forward with the project or hiring process.

Ask for reviews and feedback.

When investing in something as costly and important as commercial roofing for a Sterling Heights business, it is perfectly acceptable to want to see some credentials. Don’t go exclusively with the testimonials on a website, but instead ask for a list of previous commercial clients and get in touch with a few of them to learn about their experience. Speak with a property owner, if possible, and take the time to inquire about the quality of the repairs, the customer service before and after the work, and more.

Ask about repairs in addition to installations of commercial roofing in Sterling Heights.

It would be a big mistake to choose a company to provide commercial roofing on a Sterling Heights property without also finding out if that same firm is able to provide repairs. And when asking about repairs and maintenance, be doubly sure to ask whether the company does the work itself or if there are subcontractors involved. Press this point, because it is significant and reflects on the type of customer support and care to be expected.

If repairs are done by a provider of commercial roofing in Sterling Heights, it is a good idea to inquire as to the experience and type of repairs. Will substandard materials be replaced for free? Will that company handle things like leaks or damages? Will that same firm do ALL kinds of repairs or just a limited array?

Is it easy to communicate with the company doing commercial roofing in Sterling Heights?

It may not seem at all related to roofing, but a business is a business, and it should provide the utmost in professionalism. If a provider of commercial roofing in Sterling Heights      offers poor communications, it is a good idea to steer away from that company rather than hiring them. Poor communications include overly long delays in returning calls or emails (anything more than 24 hours should be considered overly long), failing to answer questions fully, or using rude or unprofessional language during phone conversations, emails, or other communications.

Location, location, location!

It is not just real estate where location matters. When hiring a provider of commercial roofing in Sterling Heights, take the time to be sure that the company is actually close to or within the specified area. The internet is a very deceptive space, and a business can easily and affordably flood the market with its offerings, even if the company itself is a considerable distance from the targeted area. This is why it is easy for consumers to hire out-of-state providers or subcontractors without realizing that the firm is not local.

How can a consumer avoid this issue? Scrutinize the roofing company’s licensing, insurance, and customer testimonials. Ask them if they’re local, and if there is any hesitation to explain where the firm is located, it is best to avoid that company. While it may still be a great roofing firm, the distance will eventually cause a problem. For example, should there be any problem afterward, it will be impossible to get them to come and make repairs or complete tasks. Working exclusively with a commercial roofer in the Sterling Heights area is the best bet.

Forget prices…until the end.

Owning commercial properties is a costly endeavor, and it is tempting to work with low-cost contractors when possible. However, it is best to ignore costs and pricing until the list of potential providers of commercial roofing in Sterling Heights has been narrowed down considerably. Keeping in mind that a consumer often gets what they pay for is helpful in dodging any temptation to hire the most inexpensive roofing firms.

The best method is to ask for several bids from different providers and to choose based first on experience, on the findings of any due diligence, and then on the costs. Remember that quotes can be tricky things to read, and there will be a need to itemize just what a quote is offering. Does it include labor, materials, cleanup, removal and disposal of old roofing, and so on? One bid may be made to look lower simply by eliminating a line item relating to roofing material disposal.

Getting Started

It isn’t easy to find time to dedicate to the process of identifying the most reliable commercial roofing firms in Sterling Heights. However, it is worth the effort. Finding a team with years of service and experience, with the ability to expertly handle a difficult commercial roofing project, that also offers the kind of customer service desired is immensely rewarding. The best firms can often supply property owners with maintenance, and this is also invaluable. Whether or not a commercial roofing firm is needed immediately or in the future, it pays to have a pre-screened provider already selected and ready for basic roofing issues or emergencies.

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