Need A New Roof? Read This First.

December 28, 2020
Need A New Roof Read This First IMAGE

Need A New Roof ? Read This First.

One of life’s simple pleasures is having a roof over one’s head. It’s easy to forget to be grateful for this essential feature of a home when all is going well. However, there are unfortunately occasional reminders that a roof needs attention. For example, thunderstorms cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage each year when tree limbs fall onto houses, causing damage that must be addressed immediately. Ice dams can cause damage to gutters and shingles and high winds can also do a lot of damage that needs to be inspected as soon as possible. Replacing or repairing a roof is a substantial investment that requires research to find a trusted and experienced company.

What is a Roofing System Made Up Of?

A roof is initially applied over a wooden framework with a plywood underlayment, covered by a water shedding shield, then individual shingles made up of a variety of materials. Once deterioration or damage is noted, homeowners have to decide, with the input of a trusted roofing company, to repair or replace the roof in order to maintain the integrity and value of the home.

When is Getting a Roof Repaired a Better Option?

An experienced residential roofing technician in Sterling Heights will carefully evaluate each homeowner’s situation, including the age of the roof, condition of the underlayment, and the roof’s ventilation system before making a recommendation. The best roofing technicians will provide a few options for the homeowner to consider, based on their budget and how long they plan to stay in the home. A trustworthy roofing contractor will not attempt to “sell” someone a new roof if a minor repair is all that is required.

Beware of the “Storm Chasers”

Unfortunately, it is common practice, especially after storms, for roofing “companies” to spring up overnight and go knocking on doors to drum up business. In many cases these companies are less-than-reputable and have left many homeowners hanging with sub-standard work after they are long gone. It is critical to choose a company with local ties, expertise and several references in the Sterling Heights and Clinton Township areas.

What Type of Roof is Best?

The right type of roof for a house depends on many factors. When researching what type of roof is the best choice for a home, it’s important to review any covenants or restrictions in a homeowners’ association, or HOA. In some areas, certain types of roofs have been banned due to fire hazards. In other neighborhoods, specific types and colors are dictated to maintain an upscale or consistent look of the area. The primary types of roofing materials are asphalt, cedar shake, tile, and metal.

  • Affordable asphalt – Asphalt shingles remain the most popular roofing material because they are lowest in price and may be produced in many styles and colors. Usually they’re made of either fiberglass. The asphalt coating makes them waterproof, and they are covered with ceramic granules to reflect UV rays, keeping the house cooler in summer. Twelve to twenty years is the average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof. Newer styles and technology of asphalt shingles make them an attractive choice for many homeowners and last even longer.
  • Cedar shake shingle – Cedar shake roofs are more expensive, and they look it. They are attractive on many different styles of homes, and because they are naturally beautiful, they are a favorite among eco-friendly homeowners. Homes with cedar shake roofs are also naturally repellant to insects, including termites. The downside to cedar shake roofs is their susceptibility to fire; therefore, newer cedar is being treated with fire retardants to better protect the home.
  • Classic tile roofs – Many upscale neighborhoods boast homes with terracotta tiles, giving them a Spanish-inspired ambiance. They are a classic choice for those wanting a beautiful, long-lasting solution and are willing to invest in tile. Terracotta tiles are naturally resistant to fire, insects and rotting, and provide excellent insulation. However, tiles can sometimes be fragile, with cracks and breaks requiring repairs. They are also extremely heavy and may require additional structural support.
  • Why choose metal? Metal roofing is an option now being seen on million-dollar homes in Clinton Township, and is available in a variety of colors. These roofs will not catch fire and naturally reflect solar radiant heat, reducing cooling costs. One of the major advantages is their resistance to extreme weather conditions. Materials for metal roofs include copper, stainless steel, zinc, and aluminum. Metal lasts longer than almost any other roofing material (forty to seventy years on average) making it extremely cost effective despite its higher initial investment. At the end of its life, metal roofing is 100% recyclable, unlike asphalt shingles that are disposed of in landfills, and is available in sheets or shingles.

What About Ventilation?

Most homeowners are unaware their house needs to breathe. Intake and exhaust vents are required in the proper positions to maintain proper ventilation in the attic space. Smart roofing contractors are aware that savings on energy bills and extending a roof’s life expectancy are two major benefits of proper ventilation, starting at the roof. They are able to correct deficiencies in a home’s original construction to improve its ventilation.

Choosing a Reliable Roofing Company

Choosing the right type of roof for a home is an important decision and is a substantial investment in maintaining its value. When selling a home, one of the first questions a prospective buyer asks about is “how old is the roof?” Top realtors agree that a new roof is an incredible selling point in Clinton Township or Sterling Heights.

More importantly, the choice of a reliable roofing company that offers a solid guarantee is the key to a great roofing experience. Savvy homeowners should check reviews on Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp and Google, in addition to contacting previous customers for their feedback. In addition to expertise and reliability, homeowners also appreciate companies that employ workers who are drug-free, non-smoking, non-cursing, and respectful of the customer and their property.

Knowing the basics of roofing materials discussed above will provide homeowners with the background information they need to ask pertinent questions for their situation.

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