Residential Roofing Versus Commercial Roofing in Clinton Township and Sterling Heights

January 11, 2021
Residential Roofing Versus Commercial Roofing in Clinton Township and Sterling Heights IMAGE

Residential Roofing Versus Commercial Roofing in Clinton Township and Sterling Heights

People commonly mistake all roofs as being the same; however, commercial roofs bear little resemblance to those in suburban neighborhoods. Normally they are flat or have a simple low slope, making the care and maintenance much different than home roofs. They are typically installed in sections for easier repairs.


In general, commercial roofs need to be stronger to hold heavier equipment such as air conditioning and heating units. They may also have external pipes or smokestacks that need to be accounted for. A reputable roofing company shares a goal with its customers to maintain their roofs in good working order for as long as possible.


Popular Roofing Materials

Business owners require commercial roofing in their Clinton Twp. buildings that are both cost effective and will stand up over time. The most popular types of materials used today are single-ply membrane, metal roof restoration, and spray foam.

Single-Ply Membrane

One type of commercial roof is called a single-ply membrane roof system. It’s flexible, stronger, and when used with a white membrane, actually reflects heat to create a “cool roof.” According to the EPA, cool roofs provide numerous benefits, including reduced air pollution, reduced energy use, and improved comfort.

  • Reduced Air Pollution
    By their very nature, cool roofs naturally decrease the production of greenhouse gas emissions and associated air pollution.


  • Reduced Energy Use
    Even with an efficient air conditioning system, a cool roof will transfer less heat to the building and use less energy.


  • Improved Comfort
    Working in hot, humid conditions is difficult, unproductive and can lead to heat-related illnesses. Cool roofs reduce the temperature inside whether there is air conditioning or not. A cooler environment may also improve morale and reduce absenteeism.


Can a Metal Roof Be Restored?


Yes. Metal roof restoration is a sustainable, cost-effective option for commercial roofs that will also not interrupt business operations. Any roof subject to long-term exposure will deteriorate, and rust can affect the structural integrity. As temperatures change, every metal roof will expand and contract naturally. Restoration involves repairing any damages and applying a coating to the original roof. Restoring a metal roof helps to lower energy usage and keeps the building weather-tight.


Spray Foam Roofing


A material that is sprayed on in liquid form then expands into foam is called SPF, or spray polyurethane foam. It is one hundred percent waterproof and can be used in various climates and creates a solid layer on top of an existing roof. SPF roofs can last up to fifteen years with proper maintenance, and should be inspected once per year. Building owners often choose to have a roof coating system installed when their roof is in overall good condition but just needs to be renewed due to age and normal wear and tear. This type of repair is an excellent choice for a roof that is leaking, deteriorating or discolored.

Potential Tax Benefit


Business owners should consult their accountant for details, but the IRS classifies a commercial roof restoration as a maintenance that can be expensed in the current accounting period.

Roofers are Problem Solvers

Whether a business needs a roof repaired, replaced, or just a simple leak fixed, a reputable commercial roofing company in Sterling Heights is their best choice. They should provide accurate and fair assessments based on their experience and expertise in the business.



Because of the size of the investment, warranties on commercial roofs are equal to, or even more important than, those on residential properties.




The foundation for any commercial roof installation lies in correctly fabricated and installed sheet metal flashing. These pieces are designed to prevent any debris or moisture from entering the building. A little known fact is that seventy percent of issues with roofing are either caused by failed flashing or lack of regular roof maintenance. Commercial roofs, especially, need to be checked regularly as physical, chemical and thermal stresses can take their toll and cause untimely damage. Smart business owners in Clinton Twp. rely on their trusted commercial roofing contractor to perform these regular inspections and maintenance.


Trusted Roofers


Selecting a local, trusted, commercial roofing company in Sterling Heights is the very best way to make sure a business will receive quality products and service. Local companies have developed a loyal customer base and have worked hard to establish themselves in the community. A legitimate company will always be there to answer questions and support the customer after the sale.







Signs to watch out for


Warning signs that a company is not legitimate include:


  • Asking for full payment up front. While its common for deposits to be paid before a project is undertaken, the full amount should not be requested.
  • Finding – or causing – more damage than is expected. No one likes to think an inspector would purposely cause more damage, but it has been known to happen. Always be onsite when an inspection is being performed.
  • Asking to sign a contract with many details left off. It should go without saying that every detail and expectation should be documented in writing.
  • Not offering a warranty on their work; this is a basic tenet of good business practice.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Smart building owners looking for commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. rely on research, reviews, and customer testimonials. Recently, one got several estimates from local companies that all recommended complete roof replacements. The last company did a thorough inspection and found that a repair would solve their problems. They later discovered the other companies had done only cursory inspections. The value of a local, trusted roofing contractor cannot be underestimated.


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