How Long Does a Residential Roof Last?

January 15, 2021
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How Long Does a Residential Roof Last?

The good news is that replacing a roof is not an everyday occurrence. Typical residential roofing in Clinton Township should last at least twenty to thirty years, depending on its age and type. Climate and weather conditions also have an effect. The most common type, asphalt shingle or composition roofs last around twenty years and are the least expensive. Fiber cement shingles last approximately twenty-five years, and wood shake shingle roofs around thirty years. The longest lasting type, slate, copper, or tile, can last for over fifty years. As with most things, homeowners get what they pay for. As one billboard says, “Buy the best and only cry once!”


What Can Damage a Roof?


Wind, rain, hail, and intense heat and cold are all factors that can prematurely age a home’s roof. Over time, these are fairly normal circumstances and should be anticipated.


Will Property Insurance Pay for Roof Replacement?


Normal aging is normally not covered by homeowner’s insurance, but if a roof is damaged by fire, wind, or hail damage, it may likely be covered.


There are two primary types of roof insurance for dwellings: replacement or repair coverage. In the case of repair coverage, insurance companies usually reimburse homeowners for a part of the repair costs. Replacement cost covers just that, for roofs that are beyond simple repairs and need to be fully replaced. As with any insurance claim, it’s important to fully document any damages and contact the insuring company as soon as possible.


Signs That a Roof May Be Failing


“Honey, go get a bucket!” are words no spouse wants to hear. Even without climbing up on a ladder, homeowners can often see signs that their roof may need repair or replacement. Indoor signs include leaks dripping through the ceiling or light coming into the attic. Visible signs from outdoors consist of missing or broken shingles, discoloration, or sagging areas.


What About a Drone?


In some cases, homeowners and residential roofing companies in Sterling Heights are using drones to check out the state of their roofs. Using a drone with a camera can provide them with close-up evidence of its condition without taking unnecessary risks.


Can a Roof Be Repaired or Patched?


Yes, in certain cases. If the roof is still fairly new and in sound structural condition with just a few bad areas, it might be able to be repaired or patched. With the help of a trusted and reliable contractor, homeowners can jointly make a decision on the best course of action.


What Type of Roof Is Best?


There are many factors that should be considered when making a decision about the type of roof that is best. Obviously, budget considerations are a huge factor. Homeowners associations’ covenants may sometimes contain restrictions on the type of roofs allowed. The style, architecture, and price range in the neighborhood also play a part. The most popular roofing materials are asphalt or composite, wood shake, and tile.


Asphalt Shingles


Asphalt shingles still remain the most popular roofing material because they are the most affordable and are produced in many styles and colors. Usually they’re made of fiberglass or a felt paper base, and the asphalt coating on the shingles makes them waterproof. Asphalt shingles are covered with ceramic granules to reflect UV rays, intended to keep the home cooler in warm weather. Newer styles and technology of asphalt shingles make them an attractive choice for many homeowners.


Wood Shake Shingles

Cedar shake roofs are more expensive and they look it. They are attractive on many different styles of homes, and because they are naturally beautiful, they are a favorite among eco-friendly homeowners. Homes with cedar shake roofs are also naturally repellant to insects, including termites. The downside to cedar shake roofs are their susceptibility to fire; therefore, newer cedar is being treated with fire retardants to better protect the home.


Tile roofs, usually seen in upscale neighborhoods, give large homes a Spanish themed ambiance that will last and be beautiful for many years. Terracotta tiles are naturally resistant to fire, insects and rotting, and provides excellent insulation. However, tiles can sometimes be fragile, with cracks and breaks requiring repairs. They are also extremely heavy and may require additional structural support.

Beware of Untrustworthy Companies

Surprisingly, it takes very little effort to “create” a roofing company by setting up a Facebook page, buying a ladder, and sticking a magnetic sign on a pickup truck. It’s important to avoid these at all costs. By choosing a local company that has a permanent business address and ties to the community, homeowners can rest assured they will be satisfied with their choice before, during, and after the project is complete.

What to Ask Potential Roofing Contractors in Clinton Twp.


  • How many years have they been established in business? The answer to this simple question will immediately eliminate the fly-by-night roofers who show up after a major storm.
  • Does the company offer a warranty? This is a basic requirement for a reputable company.


Finding a Reliable Roofing Company


Smart homeowners do their research before hiring a roofing company to repair or replace their home’s roof. In addition to reading online reviews, they should seek out and contact the company’s references, also remembering that how long the company has been in business is a key factor in their decision. More importantly, the choice of a reliable roofing company that offers a solid guarantee is the key to a great roofing experience.


Additionally, whether when buying or selling a home, parties on both sides understand that the condition of the roof is a major factor in the valuation of the property. The top realtors in Clinton Twp. and Sterling Heights agree that new residential roofing is a compelling selling point.


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