8 Ways To Extend the Life Of Your Roof and Save You Money!

February 8, 2021
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8 Ways To Extend the Life Of Your Roof and Save You Money!


Did you know that most people replace their roofs long before they should have to? With the average price of a new roof coming in between $12,000 – $ 17,000, that is a big investment that many homeowners are making much too soon!

The number one thing that homeowners can do to make their roof last longer is annual inspections and maintenance. The problem is many homeowners do not feel comfortable getting on their roofs or in the attics. For those that don’t mind the major dangers of getting on the roof, the next issue is they are not trained to know what they are looking for on the roof and in the attic. What do warning signs and damage even look like? 

Even worse, most homeowners do not realize that without annual maintenance being performed on their roof it can put the warranties they received from the manufacturer in jeopardy. So how do you protect your home and your roof? Well, our team here at Four Seasons Kanga Roof came up with our Overhead Care Club (OCC) to solve this problem. When homeowners join the OCC there are a number of benefits they receive every single year.

1. A full roof and attic health assessment. Our technicians come out and perform an annual evaluation of how your roofing and attic systems are performing. If during the process we identify any deficiencies, we put in writing for you exactly what is wrong and how to fix them.

2. Gutter Cleaning! This is nearly a $500 value in itself. And makes the program pay for itself. Every year when we come out we will clean out the gutters of your home to help ensure the effectiveness of your gutter drainage system. 

3. Large Debris Removal-If you have large limbs or branches that have settled upon your roof we will blow off your roof and remove any large debris. This is important because those organic materials will act like a sponge and absorb and retain moisture while sitting up there. This can have a dramatic effect on the aging process of your roof. 

4. Photo Report-In addition to the written health assessment of your system you are given access to your own digital photo report of your roof and attic system. This way you can see for your own eyes what is going on up there. 

5. Save 15% on any repair services that are ever performed. This can include chimney caps, skylights, gutter guards, gutters, blown-in insulation, and more. This is our way to say thank you for being a member of our program. 

6. “Front of Line” service when you experience a leak or issue. When major weather events hit and thousands of homeowners are experiencing roofing issues, members of the OCC go to the top of the list and we guarantee to get out to their homes within 24-48 hours. 

7. Lifetime Leak Free Guarantee. Any repairs that we perform while in the program move to lifetime leak-free guarantees for the entirety of the time an OCC member is in the program. If that repair fails, we come back out and fix it for free! 

8. Never Risk Falling! This is no joke! Falls from ladders are a real danger. Each year there are over 164,000 ladder injuries and over 300 deaths. Our team undergoes continuous training and are skilled at using ladders. We want to take that liability on for our clients. This way they never have to risk ending up in the back of an ambulance or worse. 


There are even more benefits to the OCC program including savings programs toward the replacement of the roof, but at the end of the day, it is about peace of mind to know that you are going to maximize the life of that roof while maximizing that original investment you made. 

If you could benefit from joining this program, or you have a loved one who could (parent, grandparent, aunt, child, etc….) then let one of our amazing Customer Care Team Members Hop To It for you. The programs range from under $10 per month up to our “gold” program where we come out twice a year for assessments and cleaning out your gutters. Let our amazing team show how much we care about you and your home by joining this amazing prevention and maintenance program. 

Save Time, Save Money, And Save The Headaches On Your Commercial Property

Most building owners and property managers hate having to spend money on their roofs and we don’t blame them! However, they also know that not addressing the problem, or addressing it incorrectly, can end up costing thousands of dollars more than just dealing with the problem properly the first time. For example, letting that little leak in the corner of your shop go for months on end to avoid spending a couple of hundred dollars on the repair, only to find out that you took so long you now have to tear out a whole section of your roof because your insulation is saturated and the decking is water damaged! 

So what can they do when a leak pops up? And more importantly, how do you prevent leaks from popping up? The answer to both is routine maintenance of the roofing system. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of commercial property ownership and management, and one that can save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the roof/property. 

Most people do not realize that a properly maintained EPDM (Rubber) roof can last between 50-60 years and then be eligible for silicone coatings after that, expanding the life of that system to nearly 80 years. When you factor in that the average commercial roof replacement for Kanga Roof is between $75,000 – $150,000 delaying having to make that level of investment provides a major return on an owner’s cash flow today and for years to come!

So what does maintenance look like on a commercial building at most companies (if they even offer it)? 

  1. Annual inspections.
  2. Maybe debris removal.
  3. Maybe roof patching. 

What does maintenance look like at Four Seasons Kanga Roof? All of the items listed above plus…

• “Front Of Line” service in the event of an issue/leak.
• Leak-Free Guarantee period with 1, 3, or 5-year options (optional) 
• Lifetime guarantees on all repairs done by our team.
• Gutter and drain cleanings. 
• Grease Trap Waste Disposals (on restaurants)
• Annual updates with long term budget forecasting. (so you can plan appropriately)
• Temporary repairs as needed. 
• Cataloged photo reports with the date and time stamps so you can see how your roof is aging. 
• 15% Off Regular Pricing


We look at this as a partnership based upon how we can save you, the owner/property manager, money. Rather than waiting until a problem presents itself, we want to avoid the problem from even appearing! 

This is where our “3 Or Free Guarantee” comes from. We are so confident in our team that if we cannot extend the life of your roof by at least three years, you don’t pay a dime! That’s right, even that old tired beat-up roof that you cannot get to stop leaking if we believe we can get your three more years! If we can’t then you don’t pay us a penny! 

If you are ready to start saving money both today and looking 10 years into the future, let our award-winning commercial team “Hop To It” for you. Let us show you how much we care about your building and business and why we are the leader in commercial roof maintenance and repair in Metro-Detroit! 



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