Emergency Roof Repair – When It’s Needed and What to Do Now

February 24, 2021

Emergency Roof Repair – When It’s Needed and What to Do Now

Sometimes an issue with a roof is fairly minor which gives a person time to find someone to handle their residential roofing in Clinton Twp. Other situations are more serious and require homeowners to have someone out to help them as soon as possible. The issue is that not everyone has the knowledge to decide whether roof damage needs to be repaired quickly or it can wait a day or two. This article will delve into situations where emergency repair is needed ASAP and offer insight into what steps someone can take while waiting for a roofing expert to reach them.


Discolored or Leaking Internal Ceilings


If someone is in a situation with a massive rainstorm, it can sometimes last for days or even a week. While the rain is falling, if the internal ceiling starts to change color, it’s not a good sign. What it means is that there is a roof leak and it needs to be handled quickly. If the rain keeps falling for days, the leak will only continue to grow. The underlayment that helps protect the ceiling will cause ponding. As the rain continues to fall, the ceiling can start to drip. To avoid that, it’s important to have a roofing expert come out and handle the problem.


Puddles of Water on the Floor


While the ceiling may not start leaking immediately and it could take time to determine that there is a problem, that isn’t the case if puddles start forming on the home’s floors. This is something that anyone will notice and it is not a great sign. At any time when a floor is moist and there’s no reasonable explanation for it, it’s probably because of a leak in the home. A puddle is much larger and often indicates that there is severe roof damage involved. Individuals with this problem should place a container to catch the water but also immediately speak to a roofing expert.


Moist Walls with Peeling Paint


As any professional in residential roofing in Sterling Heights will tell a homeowner, moist walls are a sign that an expert is needed. Water can come down the walls in torrents and will damage the material and the paint on top of it. A dry cloth can be used to wipe down the walls, but it’s not something that the average person can completely fix on their own. A roof leak can cause this issue as well as wall stains. Emergency roof service is the best option to take care of the problem before a home is further damaged.


Several Leak Spots


When dripping occurs and there are several roof discolorations, it means the roof has been severely damaged. This is something that needs to be handled quickly to avoid additional problems. After a long period of rain, snow, wind, or hail, roofing material can start to become damaged. If the weather continues, ponding will occur over the roofing material. Those who have homes with clogged gutters will get the worst of it. When there is ponding in multiple locations, it puts excess stress on the roof and can lead to leaks.


Serious External Roof Damage


Even if the ceilings and walls of a home seem fine, inspecting the roof is still something people should do regularly. Those who aren’t comfortable doing it on their own can also choose a contractor who works in residential roofing in Clinton TWP to handle the inspection. After storms, it’s especially important to take a look at the roof for any damage. If the damage to the roof isn’t noticed, it will continue to get worse and could lead to the need for a full roof replacement.


What to Do Until the Repair Experts Arrive


Many people will be stressed out or worried as soon as they realize their roof has an issue. The best thing to do is breathe and remain calm while contacting the roofing experts. It’s also a good idea to reach out to the appropriate insurance provider to report the problem. Experts in residential roofing in Sterling Heights will visit the home as quickly as possible. However, there are things that you can do while waiting.


  • Start Placing Tarps – One of the best ways to eliminate the chance of more damage is by tarping the roof. This can be a challenging project so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The first step involves finding where the water is coming from. After the leak is found, a tarp should be placed on the roof just below the leak. Make sure it extends beyond the ridge for the best results. When layering tarps is required, place the lower one first and secure it. The second tarp should overlap it by at least 18 inches.


  • Consider Using Roofing Cement – Plastic roofing cement is an excellent item to have in any home in case of situations like a leaking roof. It is specifically designed to seal holes in the roof and it starts working nearly immediately. To place the roofing cement, it’s best to have access to a putty knife or a roofing trowel to make the job a bit easier. This is a situation where it’s better to use too much rather than too little. Apply enough that the entire hole is covered so further damage doesn’t occur.


  • Try Using Roofing Tape – While waiting for the residential roofing professionals in Clinton Twp. to get to the home, roofing tape is an alternative to roofing cement that can be used. This is a widely available material and should only be used on the inside of the roofing material. Rather than needing extra tools or taking a lot of time like other options, it involves tearing off pieces of tape and patching the leak. As with other fixes, this is only temporary until a professional can visit the home.


A leaking or damaged roof can bring up lots of emotions but staying calm and getting in touch with professionals is the best thing to do. Temporary fixes do exist but shouldn’t be relied on to work for long periods. Instead, make sure a roofing expert is on their way as quickly as possible to handle the problem.


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