The Many Benefits of Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

February 25, 2021

The Many Benefits of Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

Some business owners believe that roof maintenance plans are nothing more than a waste of money, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Property owners and managers should realize that protecting their assets is their number one priority and a roof maintenance plan is an excellent way to do that. The roof of a commercial building is a huge investment and needing to replace it isn’t something that anyone looks forward to.

The best providers of commercial roofing in Metro Detroit will have a long list of tasks when they do roof maintenance to a commercial building. However, having a full strategy that takes the roof of the business into account is also important. This involves everything from making quick repairs, to having regular inspections, making sure maintenance is done, and ensuring the roof is preserved as long as possible.

Essential Factors to Know About Commercial Roof Maintenance

When it comes to roofs, saving money is important to the commercial property owner. It might seem as if waiting to repair things as they become noticeably damaged would save money, but that isn’t always true. Those who only repair roof problems when they are obvious typically end up paying more in the long run than those who have preventative maintenance done.

Buildings Magazine reported that those who wait will spend about 25 cents per square foot in maintenance each year, while those who proactively handle issues pay only 14 cents per square foot. That can seriously add up over time.

The reason that someone saves money with a commercial roof maintenance plan is that proactive maintenance reduces the roof’s lifecycle cost. This refers to the entire cost of the roof while it is being used. Since proactive maintenance to commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. reduces annual maintenance costs and increases the life of the roof, it ends up saving money.

Keeping the Warranty in Good Standing

In many cases, commercial businesses will have a roof that is new enough that it still carries a warranty. If that is the case, most property owners don’t want to void the warranty. What some people don’t realize is that those warranties have various clauses associated with them. For instance, the majority of them require that the roof be properly maintained.

If the roof isn’t being maintained and becomes seriously damaged, the warranty may be deemed void. That leaves the business paying for all the expenses. Having a maintenance plan can help prevent that issue and keep a commercial roof covered by a warranty longer.

Extending the Lifespan of the Roof

When investing in a preventative maintenance plan for a business’s roof, it also can help the roof itself last longer. Keep in mind that when there is bad weather or the sun is beating down on a roof, it can create damage. If that damage isn’t taken care of, more significant problems can start to happen. Realty Zero

Either way, a roof isn’t going to last forever. Eventually, it will need to be replaced because it wears out. However, a roof that is well-maintained throughout each year is going to last many years longer than a roof that was neglected. So, maintenance programs can save a person in terms of the money being spent on maintenance every year as well as by making the roof last longer.

Less Stress and Lower Insurance Premiums

Another benefit of having a commercial roofing in Sterling Heights cared for over the year is the fact that it may lead to lower insurance premiums. The insurer knows that the roof is in good shape and at a lower risk of having major problems than the roof of someone who doesn’t use a maintenance program.

Depending on the insurer used by the business, it’s possible to pay less each year for the annual property coverage premiums. If a problem does occur with the roof, making sure that there is proof that it has been properly maintained can also help the situation. It may result in a quicker and smoother claims process than expected.

Regular Roof Inspections

When a property owner’s commercial roofing in Clinton Twp. is being inspected regularly, that means that problems often get caught quickly. Not only are the preventative maintenance issues taken care of right away, but repairs can be dealt with as soon as they are needed. Often, repairs that are handled as soon as an issue comes to light are going to be far less expensive than the same repairs when the problem has progressed and requires more labor and work to fix it.

Reasons to Choose a Professional for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Some people might wonder why it’s important to hire a professional for maintenance instead of having someone in-house do it. The truth is that even the most careful individual inspecting the property isn’t going to catch everything an expert will. There are simply too many knowledge gaps, so problems may slip by and become more substantial before a repair is done. If the person doing the inspections and maintenance isn’t well-trained in commercial roofing, they can’t stand up to what the experts offer.

The professionals who work on roofs every single day are trained to understand roofs from top to bottom. These people are also insured and licensed so if mistakes are made, it isn’t something the business has to deal with financially. Experts have the ability to handle all commercial roof issues efficiently. They are also familiar with evaluating damage and determining the best route to take to save money on repairs.

All in all, a preventative roof maintenance plan saves business owners money and time. It can ensure a roof lasts years longer than it otherwise would have. Roof inspections help property owners get abreast of damage so it can be repaired right away instead of when it’s a more severe issue. Anyone who makes decisions on a commercial building should consider working with a top roofing company to instate regular maintenance by professionals.

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