Is Single Ply Roofing the Right Option for You?

March 9, 2017

Is Single Ply Roofing the Right Option for You?

If you are looking for a trustable roof covering for your flat or low-sloped roof, single ply roofing is pretty much the best option. Most commercial properties are being covered by single-ply roofs these days. Their flexibility and remarkable strength is what has helped them beat out their competition.

The Different Roof Types

Single-ply roofs are pre-manufactured flexible membranes usually made from rubber or plastic. Thermoset membranes like EPDM are made from rubber polymers and solidify or set irreversibly once heated. Thermoplastic membranes like TPO are based in plastic and can be repeatedly molded or changed with heat and hardened when cooled. Modified Bitumen membranes are hybrids as they consist of the base asphalt layer that is covered and modified with rubber or plastic.

The Advantages

Whichever single ply roof you choose for your commercial or residential building, you are sure to take advantage of the following roofing benefits:

Light yet Strong

Single ply roofing options are very light-weight. The plies can cover your entire roof without overbearing the underlying structure. Ranging from 30 to 60 mils (1mil= 0.001 inches), these roofing solutions offer high tensile strength and the ability to withstand enormous amounts of pressure. For a dependable roof over your commercial establishment, single ply roofing makes sense.

Unmatched Protection

Single ply roofs are highly adaptable and flexible. They can easily be molded along with the curves and corners of any roof, offering impenetrable coverage. They offer resistance against harsh chemicals and industrial pollutants. Single plies are able to withstand heat, wind, rain, environmental contaminants as well as extreme temperature fluctuations. Most single plies are fire resistant as well.

Convenient Installation

One of the many perks of choosing a single ply for your flat roof is the ease with which it can be installed. The insulation, flashings as well as the single ply membrane can be installed with the help of a strong adhesive that permanently seals the layers together and strongly fixes the membrane on the deck. A good contractor can offer you clean, fast and economical installation.

An Unbreakable Shield

Single ply membranes are resilient and flexible. They are not easy to tear or damage. They have the ability to tolerate huge pressure and weather strong impacts. Single plies particularly make sense in harsh weather conditions. They are not fazed by strong winds, hailstorms, snow or rain. With single plies, you do not have to worry about leakage or seepage, as they are completely watertight.


There are number of ways a single ply roof helps to bring down your roofing costs. The material itself is not noticeably expensive, the installation is easy thus cheap and the material lasts for many decades sot the replacement costs are negligible. The single ply roofs are very easy to maintain as well. They are easy to walk on and allow convenient washing and cleaning.

Is Single Ply the One for You?

If you want a roof over your head that will stay with you for many years to come, without requiring much maintenance, single ply is perfect for you. The reflective surfaces of single plies can keep your building cool and bring down the energy costs and the durable material can offer a perfect weather shield. If aesthetics are your main concern, shingles or metal roofing may serve you better.

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