4 Signs You Have Picked the Wrong Contractor

August 12, 2017

4 Signs You Have Picked the Wrong Contractor

Picking a contractor is a challenging and nerve-wracking process for most consumers. All of us have heard the horror stories from our friends about the renovation projects from hell and we are quite eager to make sure that the same story does not happen to us. But how do you know that the contractor you pick won’t leave you with more headaches and bills??

We have created a great FREE E-book “13 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Contractor,” that you can use to evaluate each contractor you meet when you going through your home renovation project. You can download it for free by CLICKING HERE.

In addition, we are sharing four warning signs that you have likely picked the wrong contractor for your job.

  1. Not A Professional Appearance
    1. Any reputable company will have trained and qualified sales representatives who will come out to your home with a clean professional appearance that includes clothing with the company’s logo on it. If your sales rep shows up in shorts, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt you likely have a problem.
  2. Does Not Do a Thorough Inspection
    1. A rooftop inspection is critical to proper diagnosis
    2. An attic inspection is necessary to make sure your home is ventilated properly with no mold or moisture issues.
  3. No References.
    1. If the company hesitates, drags their feet, or does not immediately give you a listing of local references from previous jobs, your alarms should be going off. Most companies’ best advertising is their word of mouth from previous customers who are highly satisfied and they are eager to have those customers share their great story.
  4. Bad Reviews or You Can’t Google Them
    1. It is no longer acceptable for a company to not have a website that is professional. Any contractor who comes up with a story about how they are not technically savvy should again sound your internal alarms. Websites can now be created easily and for almost no cost. A healthy and successful company will have a strong website that is easy to navigate.

We know that going through any home renovation is a stressful time. We hope you find our four tips useful. Our aim at Kanga Roof is to make your life simpler and that is why we are happy to offer you our free e-book “13 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Contractor.” Just CLICK HERE to download your free copy.

If you follow the 13 steps, we are absolutely confident that you will be dealing with the right contractor for your job, and will ensure you are not the next home renovation horror story.

We also hope you will consider Kanga Roof when the moment comes for your home repairs. Our team surpasses each of the 13 steps with flying colors and our award-winning customer service team is standing by to help you! Let us “Hop to It” for you and contact us at 586-566-0308 or visiting https://kanga-roof.com/contact/.



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