9 Animals That Can be a Danger to a Residential Roof

August 29, 2019

9 Animals That Can be a Danger to a Residential Roof 

Those homeowners with new residential roofing in Clinton Twp or the surrounding areas know that there are a few challenges when it comes to keeping their roof and other features like siding in good repair. Sterling Heights has been known to have inclement weather in the colder months, and excessive rainfall can be damaging any time of year.

Yet, many roofing repair jobs in Sterling Heights and Clinton Twp. are not caused by the weather, but are needed due to destruction caused by the local animal population. In fact, animals can cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage in a very short amount of time. This article will discuss a few of the animals that roofers in Sterling Heights say are particularly destructive.


Even if a home has metal roofing, Clinton Twp. homeowners have to be aware of the damage that can be done by sparrows. These little birds like to build their nests along a roof’s eaves. This can cause a lot of problems, especially if the nests are blocking gutters or vents. Another issue is that they attract bugs which can then make their way inside the home. For those with shingle roofs, the nests can cause moisture to accumulate and create damage spots.


One or two bats hanging around a home is not an immediate reason to call for roofing repair. Sterling Heights residents should be more concerned when the number of bats starts to grow. If they become fond of the area, they may try to work their way into the attic, which can cause damage to the roof’s shingles or the home’s siding. Sterling Heights homeowners will also be in danger of health issues as well. Bats sleeping and breeding in the attic will mean lots of droppings which can carry a fungus that can lead to deadly lung infections if it becomes airborne.


Homeowners shouldn’t let the bushy tails and cute chattering fool them; squirrels can be a real menace if they choose to be. They have very strong teeth which allow them to do a fair amount of damage such as chewing through wood or even prying up shingles. Roofers in Sterling Heights warn that squirrels can also get inside an attic and tear apart insulation.


Roofing and siding experts in Sterling Heights warn that bird droppings on a roof can be potentially damaging. This is because bird feces have a high acid content, and this acid can cause discoloring as well as erode the protective layers on shingles. Starlings, however, are a particular problem because they travel in such large flocks. If one starling lands on a home, it is likely that 20 or 30 more will follow. Even if there is metal roofing on the Clinton Twp. home and the starlings decide to rest upon, there is still the smell and the mess to worry about.


Roof rats may be one of the biggest dangers to residential roofing in Clinton Twp because these pests will chew through the shingles in order to make a home in the insulation. There are plenty of times when rats continue chewing and chewing until they start severing electrical wires, which can be a serious fire hazard. Homeowners should regularly check for holes or cracks in their shingles that may indicate rats have been busy; then roofers in Sterling Heights can be called right away.


The majority of the time, raccoons are opportunistic animals. They are usually drawn to homes as a potential food source; either from food stored in the garage, garbage cans that are easily accessible, and bird or pet feeders. They may be attracted to an attic when it is time for them to breed, especially if they can find a loose shingle or small hole where they can squeeze through. Raccoons have been known to tear up the insulation like squirrels, or chew on electrical wires like rats.


For the most part, woodpeckers don’t take homeowners by surprise because their pecking usually makes them well-known. There are eight species of woodpeckers in Michigan, and they can be quite destructive to a roof. While attempting to eat bugs, they can poke holes in shingles. Plus, they tend to make roosting holes when they want to stick around. These holes will become leaks that require roofing repair. Sterling Heights homeowners should employ deterrents immediately if their home becomes a playground for woodpeckers.


Smaller than their cousins, the roof rat, mice won’t cause quite as much damage due to their diminutive size. However, they will definitely attempt to exploit a weak spot in a roof to gain access to the interior of the home, which may mean chewing holes in the roof shingles or pieces of siding. Sterling Heights homeowners really do not want mice visiting their houses as they can bring disease, chew through pipes, and make a mess of the attic insulation.


There are several issues that crows can bring to a roof. First of all, they like to build nests in roof vents or in chimneys, which can often be quite large, causing multiple safety concerns. Another issue is that they love to explore and are very curious, which leads to pecking at a home’s shingles and attempting to pry things off. Finally, crows can leave some rather large droppings which will build up on a roof over time.

Roofing Protections

It is a good idea for homeowners to keep an eye out for any animals that seem to be particularly interested in their roof. Having roofers in Sterling Heights perform regular inspections can help. Plus, things like keeping gutters cleaned out, trimming branches to prevent overhang, and installing chimney caps can help cut down on pest issues substantially. Eliminating potential food sources can also help limit the amount of interest area animals have in a particular home.

Homeowners should always call for roofing repair sooner rather than later when there are signs of damage to their Sterling Heights home. Experienced local roofers are well acquainted with all of the animals that can potentially damage a roof. They know what to look for and can make the necessary repairs before a roof replacement are needed!

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