The Most Important Things to Know Before Replacing a Roof

October 20, 2020
The Most Important Things to Know Before Replacing a Roof

Important Things to Know Before Replacing Your Roof

Every few decades, homeowners are required to take on the time-consuming and potentially costly process of replacing a roof. Since a roof protects a person’s home and everything inside it, it’s crucial to spend the time and money required to ensure that a roof replacement is done well. For someone who is considering services in residential roofing in Clinton Twp., it’s essential to be aware of when a roof needs to be replaced and what preparation needs to occur first.

Common Signs That a Roof Needs to Be Replaced Immediately

Many situations call for a full roof replacement as quickly as possible, but some of these things are going to be more evident than others. Someone who is considering residential roofing in Sterling should look for the following:

  • Age of the roof – In most cases, a roof is expected to last and protect a home for around 20 to 25 years. If someone has a roof that has surpassed this age, a roof replacement will likely be needed.
  • Shingle deterioration – Someone considering roofing Clinton Twp. services should first inspect the roof. It’s especially important to look at the roof slopes where the most direct sunshine is found. Shingles can start to curl or buckle over time, which may mean that a replacement is needed. If the shingles are losing granules, this is another sign that work should be done.
  • Neglected roof valleys – While a person is looking over the roof shingles, it’s also essential to see if any of them are breaking apart or missing, another sign that a new roof is required. The valleys of the roof are the most crucial areas since rainwater will pass through them to get to the gutters. If a person finds that these are damaged, leaks can occur.
  • Need for new chimney flashing – Another reason to seek out service for residential roofing in Clinton Twp. is if the flashing on the roof is made out of cement or tar. While this kind of flashing will last for a certain amount of time, it doesn’t stand up like new innovations in flashing. A metal flashing system is better since it will last longer and is completely water-tight.
  • Gutters filled with granules – When a roof is starting to reach the end of its useful life, it is going to lose more granules than before. In most cases, these granules will be transported by water into the gutters. As part of an inspection, a person should check the gutters to see if they are filled with granules. People can also determine that granules are wearing away if specific parts of the roof are an inconsistent color or darker than other areas.
  • Light seen through roofing materials – The next place to look for roof issues is in the attic. Take time to visit the attic and look through the roof. If the boards are letting in sunlight, residential roofing in Sterling is likely needed.
  • Sagging roof – If there is sagging in the roof, this often means there is a structural problem that must be remedied immediately. Sometimes the problem is related to the foundation supports, while in other cases, it might be because of the attic decking. Having a sagging roof doesn’t make a home unsafe, but if the issue is allowed to expand, it can be much harder to take care of.

What to Know Before Installing a New Roof

While some people choose to install a new roof themselves, most people will choose a professional company to handle the process. The first part of the planning process should involve calling various companies that offer residential roofing in Clinton Twp. It’s essential to get quotes for the project and determine whether the company can install the type of roof needed.

As an example, most roofing companies are going to offer asphalt shingles, but many may not offer concrete tiles, rubber, or other materials. Since roof installations only take place every few decades, most companies don’t focus on repeat customers. Because of this, many people choose the company for residential roofing in Sterling based only on price.

The problem is that some companies provide low bids because they hire only low-wage workers. It’s essential to know as much as possible about the company that is chosen for the job. One way to do this is by visiting the website to read reviews and getting recommendations from tradespeople and trusted friends.

Before anyone works on the roof, the contractor should provide a contract that includes everything spoken about. This might include the area of the roof getting the work, what shingle types are being used, and what colors are going to be incorporated. The contract should also have information about what work will be done from stripping to layering, flashing, and more.

Always ask questions that seem essential before choosing a company. It’s also an excellent idea to get referrals and make sure everything that has been talked about is included in the contract.

Other documents that will be needed for roofing in Clinton Twp are a building permit and a letter from the contractor’s insurance company. The first document is needed to ensure the roof will have a valid warranty and that the company meets any local building codes during the roof installation process. The other document gives assurance that the contractor is covered under insurance in case anything adverse occurs on the job.

After the new roof is installed, make sure everything is complete before providing the final payment. Installing a new roof means stripping thousands of nails, and reputable contractors should clean up the job site when they leave. Once everything is finished up, it’s time to enjoy the new roof.

Choosing the Perfect Contractor for Residential Roofing in Sterling

Make sure that research is done to choose a contractor that has high ratings, excellent customer service, and the ability to do a great job on the new roof. Ask questions, get referrals, and take time to make the decision. Having a new roof installed is a big job, but with the right company offering assistance, it’s a decision that nobody will regret.

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