Commercial Roof Replacements: What You Need to Stay Covered

September 14, 2021
Commercial Roof Replacements

Commercial Roof Replacements: What You Need to Stay Covered

As the owner of a commercial property, you have a lot on your mind at any given moment. You’re in charge of not just your own company’s needs but also the needs of your clients and employees, as well. It’s in the best name of your business to make sure that the building you operate in is thriving throughout any season.

Amid all that consideration, you can’t forget the roof that covers the heads of your entire operation. Your roof is the first defender against the worst the weather may have to offer, and after a long enough time, it’s naturally going to degrade. When that happens, you want a provider that can give you a reliable local commercial roof replacement.

At Four Seasons Kanga Roof, we specialize in local commercial roof replacements and any other roofing services you may need. The state of your property is important to you, which means it’s important to us, too.

When to Seek a Local Commercial Roof Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, that includes your commercial roof. The expectancy of each roof differs depending on the material, but the average tends to last between 20 and 30 years. Of course, if you or the person before you could not keep up with regular maintenance, it may start to show problems in as short as a decade. But what kinds of things should you look out for?

Water Damage

The most common reason people come to us for a local commercial roof replacement is because of leakage and generalized excess moisture. You can discover these issues through signs of water damage along the interior of your building, but water can cause more trouble than that.

If you have a membrane-style roof, moisture may get stuck under the material and cause it to create what we call a roof blister. These may be taken care of if caught early enough. Otherwise, the damage will eventually require a complete replacement. Luckily, Four Season Kanga Roof can inspect your building and determine whether the damage calls for a local commercial roof replacement.

We’ll also look for roof rot caused by pools of standing water left to decay on the flat side of your shelter. If these spots are left unattended for long enough, they will eat at the roof and damage its structure. You can prevent these problems with regular drain maintenance. That’s something we can do for you during our roof inspections.

Wind Damage

Water isn’t the only thing capable of ruining your roof. If your property is hit by frequent storms or other forms of extreme and windy weather, it can endure more damage than the average commercial roof can handle. If the winds are powerful enough, they can potentially separate your roof’s seams and cause them to blow loose or tear off entirely. 

And even if the membrane of your commercial roof stays intact, all it takes is one particularly bad storm to blow hazardous debris over the surface of your roof and breakthrough to your home’s interior. These conditions require our emergency service and inevitably lead to a local commercial roof replacement in many cases.

As you can see, the biggest threats to your commercial roof aren’t exactly preventable. You probably don’t have the supernatural abilities to stop the winds from blowing or the clouds from raining.

What you can do, however, is schedule regular maintenance for your commercial roof, which we’ll talk about in a second. When that’s not enough, Four Seasons Kanga Roof can guide you through your local commercial roof replacement. 

Types of Commercial Roof Replacement

For us, there’s no commercial roofing material that we can’t replace. We can give you a new metal roof if that’s what you want. We can also build one made from rubber or gravel. Each of these common materials has its own variables, pros, and cons. A metal roof, for instance, may consist of: 

  • Corrugated steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Tile sheets
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc

Options like these are attractive and more sustainable than other roof types. But they also are more susceptible to corrosion, which is why many choose to add a protective surface layer. 

If you have a steep roofline on your property, you may be interested in something like shingles, which are the same material likely used for the roof over your own home. Shingles can be made of many materials, including: 

  • Asphalt
  • Slate
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Metal

And they’re easy to install as well as incredibly affordable. Unfortunately, its lifespan is considerably shorter than other materials, and it may be prone to mildew if your building is shaded. But if that’s the way you want to go, you can keep your roof running smoothly for as long as possible with regular commercial roof maintenance.

The Value of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Our local commercial roof replacement doesn’t end when we finish the job. Just like any other investment in your life, your roof needs to be taken care of. And we would love to form a relationship with you so that we can be the ones to help you to take care of it. 

The most extreme seasons for any roof are summer and winter. Because of that, it’s our suggestion to join our Kanga Care roof maintenance program which includes inspections once or twice a year. That gives us time to examine the state of your current roof and fix any problems that need be before the weather goes sour. 

What Happens During a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Any good professional starts their roof inspection on the inside, where we’ll be checking for leaks. You may have already noticed the signs of water damage, but our team knows how to trace that stain back to its source without even stepping foot on the roof. 

Once we climb ourselves up, we will walk the length of your roof, looking for much of what we already talked about and more. Depending on the material your property’s roof is made up of, we’ll search for: 

  • Still water
  • Cracks
  • Blisters
  • Uplifted shingles
  • Other issues or conditions

And once we’re done with that, we’ll remove a small part of your roof as a core sample to solve a few key questions, such as: 

  • How old is the roof? 
  • How many layers is it made up of? 
  • What is the level of saturation and moisture? 

Based on all of this, we’ll gather a report that you can be sure is entirely comprehensive. Our diagnosis depends heavily on saturation. If there’s less than 5% saturation in the roof, we can fix that with a repair. But if more than 30% is saturated, the best course of action is a local commercial roof replacement.

Four Seasons Kanga Roof for Your Local Commercial Roof Replacement

Four Seasons Kanga Roof is there for every season of your roofing services. We’re ready to inspect in the fall, repair in the winter, and replace in the spring or summer if that’s what you need. Our services are entirely localized, and we aim to provide affordable and effective roofing services to the people we consider to be our friends and neighbors. 

You put so much of yourself into your business. The last thing you need is for the roof to cave in and grind all that to a halt. You can install a roof and maintain it to last for the next 50 years with the right care. So get started with Four Seasons Kanga Roof, and let us hop with you to a more efficient business.



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