Commercial Roof Maintenance

in Clinton Twp & Sterling Heights, MI

When buildings are constructed, their roofs account for just 10% of the total building cost.

Unfortunately, they often wind up accounting for the vast majority of repair costs later down the road. Commercial property owners who want to avoid unnecessary expenses need to perform effective roof maintenance. Read on to find out about the Preventative Roofing Services available in Clinton Township, MI, and how they can help.

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At Four Seasons Kanga Roof, we hire only the highest quality and expert roofers. We want to ensure that you and your home get the quality of roofing services that you can depend on no matter how large or small they may be. We’re experts when it comes to a variety of roofing services ranging from inspections to installations and repairs.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Preventative maintenance may cost a little extra money, but it can dramatically lower the life cycle cost of the roof. It will avoid early deterioration and extend the usable lifespan of any roofing material, keep repair costs low, and ensure that the warranty will not be voided.

Tips for Preventative Maintenance

There’s no underestimating the need for professional inspections and routine maintenance, but property owners can also take some steps to protect their roof. Follow the Preventative Roofing Practices below to ensure that the roof stays in top condition.

Step One: Remove Debris

Debris like leaves, twigs, dirt, and loose gravel must be removed from the roof as they accumulate. If left on the roof, they can encourage water retention, leading to moisture damage, mold, and algae growth and increasing the risk of standing water. Property owners with multi-story units should hire a professional roofer for this task to avoid potentially serious personal injuries.

Step Two: Clean the Gutters

Commercial property owners should view their roofs as their buildings’ primary form of protection against the elements, and their gutters as the first line of defense for their roofs. Failing to clean the gutters and drains can leave water pooling in them, leading to unnecessary damage. This damage can even extend beyond the roof to affect the building’s siding and foundation, so make sure to clean the gutters every fall and after serious storms.

Step Three: Perform Frequent Visual Inspections

There’s no need to get up on the roof to check its general condition. Property owners can perform basic visual inspections from the ground to look for damaged shingles, missing gravel, moss or algae growth, and other obvious problems. If they note anything out of the ordinary, they should call a roofer immediately.

Step Four: Check Roof Penetrations

The areas around HVAC units, chimneys, pipes, drains, vents, and conduits are more prone to leaks than other parts of the roof. Pay special attention to these roof penetrations when performing an inspection. If there are any signs of water intrusion, the roof will need professional repairs.

Step Five: Check Seals

Sealant and caulking issues are common for modern roofs. Check the seals around penetrations and perimeter flashings often to look for signs of trouble like cracking and deterioration. A roofing expert can resolve these issues before they turn into larger problems.

Step Six: Prevent Leaks

If property owners wait until leaks develop to call for repairs, they’ll wind up spending far more money. Calling a roofer to perform professional preventative maintenance is generally much less expensive. Any time commercial property owners notice minor defects, they should resolve them as quickly as possible.

Step Seven: Schedule Professional Inspections

Property owners should schedule professional roof inspections at least once a year. Make sure the roofing company has experience with preventative maintenance. It’s often the case that roofers can address routine problems and make minor repairs during the same visit, but only if they know the ins and outs of preventative maintenance.

Why Hire a Professional for Roof Maintenance?

Even the most careful walk-through performed by a building owner won’t replace a professional roof inspection. Kanga Roof has plenty of experience with helping business owners in Clinton Township, MI address everything from minor issues to major leaks. They can provide Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Roofing that goes above and beyond what property owners can do themselves.

Professional roofers are trained, licensed, and insured. They know how to do everything required to keep a commercial roof in top condition. Plus, they can evaluate the extent of damage and suggest the most cost-effective options for repairing it. Property owners can save themselves a lot of time, money, and headaches by finding a reputable roofer and scheduling routine inspections and preventative maintenance visits.

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