Reroofing in Clinton Twp. & Sterling Heights, MI

Pertaining roofing, to pay no attention to a ‘trivial’ leak can be financially exhausting. Just a tiny leak could show you many years of damage, which can lead you to be anxious and stressed about what it’s going to cost you to fix it. It’s a common homeowner misconception that re-roofing or resurfacing is an alternate option, but this is a costly mistake.

The Cons of Re-Roofing

  • Because you are not lifting the current shingles, there is no way to know if any damage exists underneath, such as deck rot or mold
  • Re-roofing may not last as long as completely replacing the roof (10-12 years)
  • Re-roofing can only be done if you have less than two layers of shingles on your roof, you are prohibited in many areas from adding a third layer
  • Certain types of roofs, such as metal sheet, are not recommended for re-roofing
  • Re-roofing can make your roof non-repairable

If you are considering re-roofing, our team is more than happy to discuss with you what would work best for you and your budget. We will go over all of the details and the factors that will ultimately affect scheduling and total project costs. Basic or ordinary designs of roofs tend to be more inexpensive compared to roofs with complex designs. Complex design roofs incur more special things like additional safety harness and equipment for the workers to walk on the roof. Which is another reason to not install a re-roof on your home. 

When you have skylights, chimneys, and other additional features in your home, the workers have to take care to work around them, and often there is no way to completely replace the flashing systems making your re-roof prone to leaks, which are often non-repairable. 

We Can Help with Your Reroofing Decision

While re-roofing may seem like a good cheap choice for a homeowner, we encourage you to resist the temptation. We believe in doing the job once, and doing it correctly! Certain roof designs and roofing materials can have a tremendous impact on the cost of having the roof you want and we offer special financing programs that make installing a brand new roof affordable. Having a specialist determine this for you is crucial to saving you time and money.

We take pride in providing great customer service and in answering any questions, so feel free to give us a call if you are considering replacing or repairing your roof. Our team will make sure that your roof’s condition will be properly assessed and provide the best solution according to your budget and needs. After deciding what move to make regarding the repair of your home roof, please pay a visit to our contact page to be better informed on how to meet up with our team today.