Roofing Insurance Claims

in Clinton Twp. & Sterling Heights, MI

In the days following a damaging storm, you and your home or business need help from a quality and local roofing company.

While you must prioritize your home or business’s weather-damaged roof repair, you also need a roofing company that can help you with navigating your roof insurance claims.

For home and building owners in Clinton Twp, Four Seasons Kanga Roof is the best option. We are exterior insurance restoration specialists for both residential and commercial properties and can help you maximize your roof insurance claims.

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Filing a Roofing Claim for Your Clinton Twp Home

Is it time for you to file a roof insurance claim in Clinton? Choose a residential and commercial contractor who can repair your roof and help you handle all contact with your roofing insurance company. Roofing issues are often unexpected and stressful, but Four Seasons Kanga Roof is always here to help. If you need a minor repair, full roof replacement, or assistance filing your insurance claim, we can help. Call the experts at Four Seasons Kanga Roof today!

How Can a Roofing Contractor Help with My Roofing Insurance Company?

Interacting with your roofing insurance company can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with the after-effects of a bad storm. Fortunately, our roofing contractors can help you interact with your roofing insurance company and make the process easier for you.

For the best experience, it is important that you work with a licensed and insured roofing specialist. Licensed and insured roofing specialists are the only roofing contractors that are covered by insurance.

Working with a licensed roofing specialist will also protect you from scams. Roofing scams are one of the most common forms of consumer fraud and generally happen after serious storms. Whenever your insurance tries to get in contact with these “contractors” they will be nowhere to be found! 

Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

If you are looking for high-quality and knowledgeable roofing restoration specialists, choosing an experienced and local roofer is a must.

Four Seasons Kanga Roof stands out from other roofing specialists in Clinton Twp as we devote extensive training to staying up to date on best practices for roofing insurance claims. We are fully knowledgeable on how home and building owners can maximize their claims and will help you get everything that you are entitled to.

Maximizing Your Roof Insurance Claims

Here’s how experienced insurance restoration specialists can help you to maximize your claim:

  • Full Assessment of Your Roof’s Damage: Certified roofing experts will thoroughly inspect your roof and mark all areas that require repair.
  • Detailed Documentation of Your Roof Repair: For any insurance claim, proper documentation is important. To help with your roof insurance claims, an experienced insurance restoration specialist will provide your roofing insurance company with a detailed damage report with photos. This can help speed up your claim process.
  • Accurate Insurance Claim Paperwork: Filling out insurance forms can be confusing and tedious, but an insurance restoration specialist can help you with this. At Four Season Kanga Roof, we invest in the right software, documents, and computer programs that enable us to engage with your roofing insurance company on your behalf.

    We also can help identify different types of damage such as wind, hail, storm damage, water damage, and vandalism. This helps you so that you don’t have to deal with rejected roof insurance claims or waste any time.
  • Communicating With Your Insurer as Needed: During the process, an insurance company may need to follow up with your roofer to clarify details of your claim and repair. A proper roofing company will be able to speak with your insurance company and discuss your home’s damage and the necessary repair.
  • Reducing the Need for Future Insurance Claims: Not every roofer has experience with storm damage. As a result, roofers who aren’t familiar with extensive roof damage can make mistakes when repairing your roof. This can lead to leaks and other problems in the future.

    Generally, you will start having problems from these mistakes in just a couple of months. As a homeowner, it can be very difficult to get a second roofing claim approved by your insurance company and connect the second claim to the original storm damage.

Working with a qualified exterior insurance restoration specialist will ensure that your home is properly repaired and that all communication with the insurance company is handled efficiently.

How to Protect Yourself from Roofing Scams

While Four Seasons Kanga Roof is dedicated to providing you with quality service and helping you to maximize your roofing claim, some of the other “contractors” out there are not. 

After a major storm, many homeowners find themselves scammed by individuals who claim to be helping with weather-damaged roof repair but are truly looking to make a quick buck. 

In order to protect yourself from a roofing scam, review the following suggestions:

  • Do not select a contractor based on the lowest roof replacement estimate.
  • Never hire anyone going door to door to work on your roof.
  • Never work with a roofing contractor who insists that you must pay in cash.
  • Make sure they are locally based and have been continually in business for more than 10 years.

Roofing scams are quite common for homeowners, even in Clinton Twp. Be sure to use the following information to keep your home and finances safe.

Don’t Choose the Cheapest Contractor

When filing an insurance claim for hail, wind, storm, or water damage, choosing a roofing repair company based on price alone will compromise your roof’s quality. Insurance agencies use Fair Market Pricing for roof replacements, so choosing a cheaper contractor won’t save you money or lower your monthly premiums. 

Instead of choosing a roofing contractor based on how low their estimate is, choose a contractor who is reputable and experienced in insurance restoration work. You’ll want to find one who is local to Clinton Twp, Michigan, and is licensed and insured. 

Never Hire a Wandering Contractor

After a damaging storm, homeowners are vulnerable, and scammers know this. They will come to your home soon after a storm, promising to provide weather-damaged roof repair, and will offer you an amazingly low quote. 

Unfortunately, many of these “contractors” are scammers and will likely do a poor job on your roof, or no work at all!

To prevent this, do extensive research on any roofing contractor that you are considering working with. They should be local to your area, have a verifiable website, and many reviews from real customers. Only make a decision after reviewing all of their qualifications and work standards.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Pay in Cash

One of the most common signs of a roofing scam is a contractor who insists that you pay in cash. Of course, cash payments can not be traced. As a result, if work is done poorly or not completed, you will be unable to ever receive a refund. This could leave you financially unable to repair your roof.

Some scammers may also insist that you pay the total amount for the roof repairs up front. They probably will say this is necessary to buy all materials and pay their team. An authentic roofing repair company will not do this. Instead, they will likely ask for a fair deposit.


From beginning to end, the residential roofers of Four Seasons Kanga Roof work with the homeowner every step of the way.