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Kanga Roof can provide all the residential and Commercial Roofing solutions property owners need to keep their homes or businesses looking their best. Read on to find out what homeowners need to know about working with a roofing service.

Your Local Roofing Company

At Four Seasons Kanga Roof, we hire only the highest quality and expert roofers. We want to ensure that you and your home get the quality of roofing services that you can depend on no matter how large or small they may be. We’re experts when it comes to a variety of roofing services ranging from inspections to installations and repairs.

Residential Services

Kanga Roof specializes in providing industry-leading Residential Roofing services to local homeowners. That includes everything from basic inspections and preventative maintenance to new roof installations and full refurbishments. Plus, homeowners who hire Kanga Roof will also get access to gutter services, siding repairs, chimney maintenance services, and more.

Signs It’s Time for Roof Repairs

It’s never wise to wait until a residential roof has fallen into a state of severe disrepair to take action and find a contractor who can help. The only possible outcome of putting off necessary repairs is having to deal with more extensive water damage and other issues in the future. That’s why homeowners should keep an eye out for the following early warning signs.

Damaged Shingles

Shingle damage takes on many forms. Shingles can crack, buckle, or split, or they can be removed from roofs completely. All of these issues need to be taken seriously, as failing to address them will allow water to infiltrate the roof and wreak havoc in the home.

Bald Spots

Bald spots don’t have to mean missing shingles, although this problem is common after serious wind storms. Sometimes, asphalt shingles lose their granules slowly as they are exposed to the elements, leaving unattractive bald spots that are prone to water seepage and leaks.

Moss Growth

If there’s moss growing on the roof, there’s usually water seepage occurring beneath the shingles. Homeowners with mossy roofs should never pressure wash them, as that can cause more substantial damage. Instead, they should call a professional to schedule a roof inspection that can determine the extent of the water damage.

Noticeable Leaks

Even if they don’t see any signs of damage on their homes’ exteriors, it’s still wise to head up to the attic to take a look every once in a while. If there are wet spots, that should be taken as a serious red flag. Homeowners should call a contractor immediately before more water damage occurs.

Generally Poor Condition

Most residential roofs can be expected to last up to 20 years if they are properly installed and maintained. If the roof is nearing the end of that expected lifespan and it is in generally poor condition, it’s worth considering a replacement instead of basic repairs. A new roof will restore the home’s curb appeal and give homeowners the peace of mind of knowing that they won’t be dealing with water damage any time soon.


From beginning to end, the residential roofers of Four Seasons Kanga Roof work with the homeowner every step of the way. 

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Proper maintenance ensures a roof’s longevity, which means homeowners who take the time to perform even cursory inspections and schedule professional preventative maintenance visits will be able to make the most of their investments. It also helps to ensure that water is draining properly off the roof, which helps to prevent seepage and leaks and ensures that the roof can maintain energy efficiency.

Regular preventative maintenance and inspections also give professional roofers the chance to evaluate the roof’s condition and identify potential problems early. This can save homeowners a bundle in the long run by extending the roof’s longevity through minor repairs. It can also save money on repairs since fixing minor issues before they cause serious, extensive damage tends to cost much less than replacing entire portions of the roof.

Finally, roof maintenance keeps a home looking its best. Algonac, MI residents who want to keep up with the Joneses will find that a well-maintained roof is a huge asset when it comes to curb appeal. Those who plan to sell in the near future will also find that regular repairs can help to avoid the need for performing full roof replacements prior to placing the home on the market.

What About Commercial Roofs?

Commercial roofs are much larger than residential roofs, and they tend to be flat or low-sloped. This necessitates the use of different materials and maintenance schedules. Kanga Roof’s contractors have training and experience working with both residential and commercial roofs and materials, so business owners can also call to request services as needed.

The Bottom Line

Homeowners and commercial property owners in Algonac owe it to their families, neighbors, and guests to keep their buildings looking their best. Kanga Roof can help by providing comprehensive roof maintenance, repair, and replacement services that will both increase curb appeal and protect a valuable investment. Call to request a quote today.